May 18, 2009
a monday morning hello to all of you. thanks to everyone who sent me questions about camp. i love hearing what sort of campish things intrigue you. i've posted a map for you to click on & scope out my summer stomping grounds. it's cutting off a few things like the archery range, steve's park, the dump, & the mini golf course. but at least you can take a look at the main turf. 
no. 1 when does camp start? our camp season officially begins monday, june 8th. that's the day that the summer staff will show up. we'll sit around the conference table and smile at each other because the time of camp has arrived. we love camp. and we may even hit the hub to kick off the summer with burgers + fries. the summer staff is a group of about 15 people who will work for the full 9-10 week camping season. we live together, eat together, play together. this team is pretty much the camp family. in fact, about half of the team literally are my family. my father-in-law & mother-in-law, 2 brothers-in-law, 2 sisters-in-law, and grant are all included this group. yay. 
no. 2 what is this camp about? the purpose of camp shetek (aka shetek baptist camp) is to provide "a peaceful lakeside setting as a meeting place with God." the camp is a corporation owned and supported by 15 or so churches in the area.  
no. 3 what is my role at camp? i am a member of an elite group at camp shetek. we are the kitchen guys & dolls. we're tight. only about 6 people have the privilege of working in the camp kitchen, and i'm one of them. lucky me! we have awesome days together. we bake bread, mix granola, frost cakes, grill hotdogs, slice strawberries, plate cookies, trim roasts, mince garlic, arrange muffins, and stock the pantry. and we usually listen to show-tunes while we do it. yep. i think my job is pretty stellar. 
no. 4 what is my daily routine like? a day in the life of a kitchen girl. throw on a t-shirt and shorts. walk over to clarke hall. in the kitchen by 7 am. wash hands, tie on my apron, flip pancakes. campers stream in. good morning greetings. (i think "good morning" is my most favorite thing to say to anyone. such a perfect phrase.) coffee for the counselors. dish duty with my sidekick, justin. he's dirty side- i'm clean side. morning chores and baking. lunchtime. dishes again. afternoon break. scrabble games. books and blankets and naps. sun tanning on the boardwalk. back to the kitchen at 4ish for dinner prep. dinner bell- dinnertime. mail call. last call for dishes. final clean up. sweep + mop. free for the night. at night we like to go for a run on the gravel roads, slip into the back of the chapel, join in whatever the campers are doing, play the night game, and hang out in the brygger lounge. and sometimes we watch musicals. 
no. 5 what is the campfire scene like? hoodies + jeans. sing along with tim and his guitar. the end of camp is drawing near. girls huddle close to their friends. guys play it cool. emotions are high and friendships are growing. the campfire is the place to spill. the time to tell your story. 
no. 6 where will grant and i bunk? because grant is no longer single, he won't be staying in cabin one with the rest of the maintenance men. {someday, i will tell you all about cabin one. it is a special place. a sacred place.} and because neither of us are going to be counselors this year, we won't be sleeping in separate cabins with our campers. so, our housing will be in brygger room #3. brygger is basically a lodge for the staff. there are dorm-like rooms and bathrooms and a lounge, and the nurse's quarters are on the lower level. and it's air-conditioned. we live the good life in brygger. (aka bryggies. the bryggs. the bryglet.)
more questions & answers on the way. watch for them tomorrow.
have something you're itching to ask? there's room for you too. ask away.


Donna said...

Hi Summer, I noticed your post said "baptist" Can I assume it a a Christian camp and what churches are involved...sorry to be so nosy, but one of the things I have run into on the blogsphere is not knowing for sure what belief system a blogger belongs to - hope I don't offend, but it is one of those things that is important to me! Love your blog!

Kerri Lynne said...

I wish I wasn't too old to be a camper! :(

Jillian said...

"Good morning" is definitely my favorite greeting, for several reasons. 1) It means I got up early enough to say it, and therefore am having a pretty productive day. 2) It's nearly always accompanied by a smile, which I find is not so true of other greetings, like "good evening." Kind of sterile. Like, "Good evening, sir." That probably didn't make sense. Have fun at camp! What will become of the blog?

Jessica said...

Oh Summer I just love your enthusiasm for life! I don't think I would ever be good at camp because I don't like camping. Will you have internet access? We're going to miss your blog terribly if you don't!

marta said...

a fantastic glimpse into your summer camp. how perfect is your name for this role? so summery, bright and cheery.

i can see that being a kitchen doll with you around would be a lot of fun. and singing show-tunes too?? wow, this sounds like heaven. i am thinking we'll be seeing a lot of foodie photos (i hope).

i guess the million dollar question is this; will you still be blogging? (i mean blogging versus sunshine is not even a question.)

marta said...

and by that, i meant, we'll forgive you for taking a 'summer' break. xo.

Audra said...

Is that Clarke Hall 1 or Clarke Hall 2? (Hi Haley!)

pve design said...

sounds like a great summer. summer.

ALFIE said...

I have been a camp counselor at my local christian camp for years now, and would love to know more about the daily activities and trainings that you provide at the camp. For several years, I taught our drama seminar, and trained the campers in short skits and human videos. Any of that going on at shetek? If yes, I would love an idea exchange!!

Debra said...

What a fabulous experiance for both you and your husband. It sure sounds like a dreamy, summer job.

Kelli said...

So, what do you do with your home while you're away?

Tawnya said...

So fun to read and observe the sweet anticipation for camp in your post! We too are so excited for the next few weeks events as we gear up for our summer staff to arrive. I was just thinking this morning that this is one of my favorite times of year for sure...seeing all of the dear summer staffers return! It's like a great Exodus back to our neck of the woods! Looking forward to hearing more!

simplesong said...

it all sounds so lovely + a perfect way to spend a summer!



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