May 13, 2009
i think this dress is just right. so very pretty and simple. i know that
if i were to put it on, i would twirl around all day. just happy to be
alive and in a dress. i'm sure of it. i mean, look at the sweet brass
buttons and that killer back! this little number is the summer dress
of my dreams.
speaking of summer dresses, remember how i said that i want to
expand my dress collection? i think now i actually have a few that
i can wear any day & anytime. i think i'm really going to do it. this is
going to be the summer of the dress. long live girlieness. i am getting
so eager to start slipping them on. as soon as it hits 80 degrees i am
going to slide them to the front of the closet (yes, my closet works
from front to back. i will have to show you some time.) it will be fun
to wake up and not make a beeline for thermostat. and throw a dress
over my head. and go barefoot. wow. barefoot? what does that feel like?
that sensation doesn't register with my slipper-clad toes anymore.
it seems our house is still lingering in the past. you know, that one
season. i will not speak its name. not now. not until we get further into
the safety zone. 85 and sunny for a week straight would be nice. i would
feel safe then.
oh, and some more goodness to share with you right here. mmm. mm.
found via unruly things. dress by church and state.


Frau said...

Gorgeous dress and great for twirling for sure. My daughter made the same comment after the season we just finished it's nothing but dresses. I came home from USA visit with 11 fun sundresses from Old Navy and Target.

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

I adore this dress - it's brass buttons are perfect indeed.

ALFIE said...

must agree---that dress is awesome!!

Poke Salad Annie said...

this dress is absolutely darling!

pve design said...

love a twirl in that dress.
I made a "Navy" dress one year in college and I felt so darn pretty in that dress.

::Sylvia:: said...

I love the dress! Perfect for summer time!

Anonymous said...

i just love that dress ... so cute.

Christina said...

It's so cute! Right now my favorite sun dress is a straightish green one with a cute square neck line. It's a little too dressy for everyday, though. : (

Kerri Lynne said...

Oh girl, I am with you! I live in dresses all summer long, I can't wait until Boston warms up a bit!

And that dress is fabulous!



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