May 14, 2009
a few small, but not unimportant things on my mind today. not sure if any of them could hack it in a post all by themselves, so here they are all thrown in together. a post full of little stray somethings.
number one. we live in the little white house across from the bank in town. and now the little white house has a little white sign in the yard. which means that our landlady chose a realtor. and as of last week, our house is officially on the market. i'm curious to see what she's asking for it. must look that up. haven't seen any potential buyers come through yet. i'm not complaining about that.
number two. grant only has 9 days left of school. 9 days! and during those days his class will be busy with a pool party, a math carnival, a visit to the high school, and a wax museum. yay. those sweet end of the school year days hold a special place in my heart. just a few more lessons for grant to plan. a few more papes to correct. a few more brown bag lunches for me to make. and we'll be out of there. oh how i love that my life still revolves around the school calendar. may was meant to be an ending point. even though i'm all done with my schooling, that august to may structure lives on in my life. thank you, grant.
number three. happy anniversary, dad and mom! i love you.
number four. DAD, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, STOP HERE & SKIP TO NUMBER FIVE. okay, so my dad works for hp. which means that i was raised on windows '98 and internet explorer. and i have absolutely no qualms with that. i love my dad. i love hp. i love that they put a roof over my head and mcdonald's happy meals in my tummy. yay. but last may, everything changed. i married grant, and grant is an apple guy. and i must tell you, grant has converted me. i am an apple girl and proud to say it. just not too loud in front of my dad.
one of the things that has been boosting my love for the mac is the quality of life within the wonderful world of safari. now that i know better, i realize how far superior an internet browser safari is when compared to internet explorer. i almost always do my blog work on our mac, but the few times that i'm on my laptop, i am surprised at how the look of my site drastically changes when i'm using explorer. every time i see the difference, i become more disappointed. so i'm finally going to say something about it and maybe that will make me feel better. on explorer, my pictures are grainy, the font seems too big and kind of clumsy, the spacing and layout are out of whack, and there are huge gaps within some of my posts. what in the world?! on our mac everything seems to sparkle, but on my laptop everything is a bit off. i feel like the space that i've worked so hard to create and perfect has been muddled, unbeknownst to me. and some of you will never see it in its true form. oh so sad. so to you readers who see my blog through the eyes of internet explorer everyday, i apologize for the lack of luster.
and that is why i am getting along famously with our new mac and the safari button on its dock. the moral of this story.. i need to get safari on my lappy before i will be doing any more blog business with it. otherwise it will just make me sad. mom, you just tell dad that i'm not forsaking my roots, i'm merely embracing something new. okay? okay.
number five. kris allen in the finale. yay.
number six. i got a letter from africa today. how awesome is that? you should see the stamps.
number seven. coming soon.. camp shetek: i came, i camped, i conquered. the unabridged field guide and syllabus. it will have everything you've been wanting to know and more. any questions? send them right along, if you please.


Renee said...

Dad says to tell you he is totally ok with you being a "macintosh" girl, since he now owns "apple" stock!!
Wish i could see your blog on a mac now! Maybe i'll have to go look at Chelsea'S "touch"!!

Christina said...

Hm. I use Google Chrome for my browser...not sure how it compares to Safari. I've never noticed that your blog looked anything less than charming, by the way.

Nessa said...

My hubby turned me into a mac girl too... and my dad worked for systemax (now owned by Tiger Mfg.) but a PC company none the less.

I love our mac - 6 years old and never a hitch. (I did hate it at first - I must admit)

Riss said...

i am still trying to convert my honey to the beauty of mac. he is still attached to his chunky, clunky, grey dell. god bless him. maybe one day his eyes will be opened and he will realize what he has been missing all this time!

Ash said...

I feel you there! Everything looks better on a mac... I'm often disappointed by the quality of my photos on a PC. I have no idea how to make them look better, and I haven't ever found a solution... so, mac it is.

And yay, Kris Allen! I like him, too.

Maryclayre Dick said...

Summer, as one of your biggest blog fans, I must comment on our shared love for Apple computers! My husband was also the one to open my eyes to the wonderful world of Mac's, and I am please to announce that Anneliese just recently converted :) You are right about the page layout looking nicer, and crisper!

Anneliese said...

summer! what a perfectly timed plug for mac! when mary & darren were back this last weekend, he took me to the apple store to show me what i was missing (with my hp). i will be getting a new computer soon...and i'm pretty sure i've been convinced!

Anneliese said...

oh man. i went to leave a comment, forgot...and came back. so i posted. and then noticed my sister right above me! hahah1 also, i misspelled darrin. sorry, d.

amy said...

yes! i love kris.

pve design said...

Well, the apple does not fall far from the tree, just a different sort of apple... I love the way you wrote all this, cramming it all in. I love our apples.
As far as camp, what is your favorite camp food and activity?

donya said...

oh Summer... i feel for your dad. I will never be an apple person for many reasons, but you should really try Mozilla Firefox on your lappy.
I do a lot of coding and photo editing on my PC, and have noticed Firefox is much more superior in code reading and the display of pictures. (Google's Chrome Browser is based on Firefox and I've had similar experiences using that)
Also, the newest version of IE has a lot of updates and reads code better. I still don't use it much at all though.
And may I just say, I am fine with people using Macs, but I wish the Mac commercials wouldn't straight up lie about PC's and the Vista OS.

Anonymous said...

You should try FireFox for everything! Even on Mac :)



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