May 25, 2009
we are taking it easy this memorial day. i woke up at 2:38 am and as far as i can tell, swallowed a knot of razor blades with my sip of water. whatever sore throat|sinus infection|coughing bug grant caught last week is what i have now. plus a touch of aggravation from allergies. 'tis the season. bring on the benadryl
sitting outside at sam's picture-perfect backyard graduation party yesterday probably wasn't the best idea. neither was walking a round of frisbee golf at camp last night. neither was keeping two bouquets of these honey-sweet lilacs inside the house. histamine overkill, people. what was i thinking?
i'm off to keep sucking down the ricolas
promise to be back in tomorrow with a better and brighter post. with answers to some of my favorite campy questions. 


linnea paulina said...

Aww, Summer, I hope you're feeling much better. It isn't any good to feel under the weather, especially when the sun is shining outside. From my window I hear someone mowing the lawn, a girl across the street is tanning, and I think I might head out on the front steps to read a bit. Rest & take care.

Judy said...

Wasn't that nice of Grant to give you what he had. I have the same thing so I know how you feel. Better days are ahead. I loved your picture of the lilacs. You should make it into a picture and frame it. Take care so you can fly the friendly skies.

Frau said...

Feel better soon!

mj said...

hope you feel better soon summer! :)

haley said...

but what about the vitamin c????

Jessica said...

Anxiously awaiting your next post. I keep "refreshing". Feel better soon!

Katie said...

What a bummer to be sick on a holiday....

Christina said...

Rocolas are the BEST cough drops...I hope you start feeling better soon!

marta said...

oh man, am sorry to hear this, summ. hope you get feeling better soon. nothing like a vacation to get your spirits up.

p.s. such a pretty picture, as usual.



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