May 26, 2009
this is one of my best-loved camp photos. the maintenance men always find some clever way to model for the weekly camp video production- like this funky early nineties pose. just wanted to show you a shot of what camp is really like. the mm always have something up their sleeves. they're forever playing it smooth and making us laugh. am so glad i married one. that's grant there in the driver's seat. isn't he to die for in those goggles? 
continuing the camp questionnaire. here we go.. part three. (and if you are one of the people who left me a comment on my last q + a post, please do check back because i dropped you a li'l line.) 
no. 11 what is my favorite thing to eat at camp? mm. this is a tricky one. there are truthfully about 14 favorite things on my mind right now. but at the end of the day, i love mondays. i love monday night outrageous chocolate chip cookies, monday lunch homemade bbq chicken pizza, the monday morning making of camp granola, and monday night 'barbecues' (the minnesota name for sloppy joes). stay tuned this summer for more on the camp kitchen. i'll give you the rundown of what we make, when we make it. all my favorite dishes. you may not picture a camp having food to write home about, but i think our menu is off the charts. 
no. 12 what is my favorite activity at camp? i would say skit night makes the top 5. every friday night us kitchen girls ditch our cooking clothes and put on the ritz. sometimes that just means putting on some mascara. but it's a big deal. then we make some smoothies and pick out the best spots for the show. everybody piles into the dining hall for a live late-night show by guy conrad (grant's alter ego) with music by the skit night orchestra. during the show, we also get to see the cabin skits, the maintenance men's music video, and the camp video, which is made up of footage taken during that week of camp. it's a grand night. 
oh, and i must mention the weekends, too. i think the world of weekends at camp. those precious hours in between the end and the beginning. we recover from the action-packed week behind us and brace ourselves for the busy week ahead. the weekends are when we hang out as a staff and it truly feels like home. we take naps, go out on the lake, take turns in the laundry room, drive to marshall for a movie, make hub runs, and play hey you! get out of my cabin. i'll have to explain that game to you later. 
no. 13 what are some of the daily activities that we offer? during a segment of the day called 'morning activities' the campers choose how they want to spend their hour of fun. some of the options for organized fun-having include.. frisbee golf, archery, fishing, the ropes course, campfire building|cooking, basketball tournaments, canoeing, gardening, crafts, mini golf, croquet, hoccer, volleyball, sandcastle building, and even a mini cooking class. 
no. 14 what will we do with our house while we are gone? when grant and i move out to camp, we will still be keeping our apartment. we may drive to town and spend the night here occasionally, or let it serve as a guest house when my parents come for a visit. it will be our little summer home. my, my. i never thought i would have one of those. how lovely. the camp is only about 15 minutes outside of the town where we live, so our getaway spot (and the bulk of my clothes) will always be close by. 
as you can probably guess, things will get pretty campy around here come june. so get ready to hear more about the camp-filled life i live. and watch for new chapters of my camp-centered love story to pop up, too. it's going to be one swell summer.


Nessa said...

You make me want to ditch my day job and go to camp (or work for one!)

ALFIE said...

sounds like a blast! gets me so excited for camp this summer. ours is in july! not sure in what capacity i will be there. but trust me. i will be there! love camp!!



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