June 19, 2009
just in case you were wondering where i am at midnight every night, here's a peek at our camp sleeping quarters. it's working out to be a great little room. i like it. the bed is soft and the computer is handy and we have a great view of the willow tree where grant and i used to meet up and say goodnight to each other while we were dating. and there's a big curtain instead of a closet door. and the room is small enough that the mist from my perfume makes the place smell great all day.
one of my favorite things about the room is a piece of furniture that sits about 2 feet from our bed. it looks like a miniature piano bench that i've converted into my own little powder room bar. complete with glass canisters of q-tips + cottonballs, a jar of makeup brushes and my favorite eyeliner, a few stray bobby pins, and a tiny bottle of aveda hand relief lotion. woohoo for little spaces to put things.
ps. the vacation video is in the works. grant is juggling three videos in final cut right now, so it may be awhile before this one's finished. but let's just say.. i'm pumped.


Bryant said...

was room no. 3 my old "office"?

Kelli said...

That room looks better than my real room! Nice place. So glad you're settling in and having a great time.

Judy said...

That is the best I have seen room 3 look!

Christina said...

Lovely! It sounds like you're having a glorious summer at camp.



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