June 16, 2009
camp life is good for me. it builds character.
new experiences. lots of learning. a couple firsts.
01. got my first cavity filled today. (not camp related, but still monumental.)
02. got my first tick yesterday.
03. picked rhubarb and asparagus for the first time.
04. learned how to make raspberry rhubarb jam.
05. learned how to butterfly a chicken & cut a mango like an armadillo.
06. am wearing less makeup and more ponytails.
07. am practicing a new song on the piano in the empty chapel.
08. watching zero tv.
09. saw 'up'. (and loved it.)
10. loving non-baby carrots. and strawberries. and my co-workers.
11. went for a jog around the gravel roads.
12. singing showtunes while we work.
13. planning on learning how to braid my hair.
14. watching a thunderstorm from the brygger balcony tonight.
life is good.
lastly, i would like to make a retraction. please do not add my pound cake to your recipe stash, when you can add this one. today audra (my sister in law + fellow kitchen girl) made a sampler cake for us camp staffers to try out and it was the best pound cake i've ever put in my mouth. seriously, i freaked out. you must try it. it took me back to that chinese restaurant where i first tried this ultra perfect dessert. now that it's staff-approved, we are going to make it for 'ladies' camp' this weekend. mm.. i can't wait to have ten of them laying out on our counters.


marta said...

girl, this is downright crazy. i have been watching zero tv and loving it and have noticed the fresh new difference of non-baby carrots myself. love the common daily details of your camp life.

am happy to hear great feedback about UP and also i loved the part about playing in an empty chapel. calm and peaceful and perfect.

Heidi said...

oh how i wish i was at camp!
enjoy it for me, and eat a piece of pound cake for me, and give Hobart a hug and ask him if he remembers the time I gave him liquid detergent instead of powdered :) (ask my mom, she'll tell you about it)

Anonymous said...

Summer, this sounds like the perfect way to start the season. Hard work and hard play and moments of quiet. Am loving your camp updates.

stina1125 said...

a. i'm so glad you saw & loved 'up'!
b. i can't believe i missed your first tick experience - weren't we just talking about this?!
c. miss you already. can't wait to get back in the kitchen with you.

Renee said...

ok...I had wanted to make that pound cake months ago...but now, that it's been "camp kitchen approved"...I'm making it ...SOON!
Hoping it turns out just as wondeful as Audra's!



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