September 24, 2009
good news for people who like crunchy grapes. if you drown them in a bowl of ice water and stick the bowl in the fridge for a few hours you will get perfectly firm grapes. you will. they will honestly go pop in your mouth. perfect for grape salad or apple + grape slaw. just a fun trick that i learned at camp a couple years ago. it came in handy the other day.
more good news. for people who like to eat good granola. cascadian farms is here for you. my favorite is the maple brown sugar box, but just a second ago i finished off a bowl of the cinnamon raisin and man, oh man. yum. guys, i think i am addicted to granola. i buy it in the store, i make my mother-in-law's famous recipe, i put it on my yogurt and in my bowl of cheerios and on my pb and honey toast and sprinkled over banana slices and on top of my crackers with peanut butter.. and just about anywhere else it will fit in my life. it's just too good.
off to preschool now. more soon.


Kelli said...

That is good news. I have not heard about the grapes. I love my grapes to be crunchy.

Nichole said...

Will you post your MIL's famous granola recipe? Pretty please?

John and Teresa said...

I enjoy granola immensely as well. And John and I just gobble up the Cascadian Farm's convenient yet delicious version. Funny you posted about granola because I was just rummaging through the internet this morning for a pumpkin granola recipe and found this:

I adore pumpkin -- and 'tis the season! I think I'll give it a try.



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