September 23, 2009
i'm all fired up about things warm + snug. aren't these pretty? and don't they make you super happy about fall? i'm pairing them up with my current favorite jeans in my head as i type this. but they are crazy out of my budget and i don't really need them, so i tell myself what i heard mom say to every saleslady in every department store that we walked through while i grew up. 'no, thank you. i'm just looking.' i rehearsed this line over and over as a little girl, and now i've mastered it. i love to look.
from ruehl.
heard about it on simplesong.


Bluebelle said...

Oooh lovely autumn clothes! I really like the coat in the top left.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

I found things similar to these in Old Navy for probably much cheaper. So super cute, too. I'm just waiting for Florida to cool down much more before I walk out of my house wearing them! :-)

Christina said...

Love, love, love the jacket in the upper left hand corner. In my opinion one can almost never have too many jackets. My husband, however, differs with me. ; )

ALFIE said...

the epitome of cozy fall comfort! i want all these pieces!!

p.s. i am LOVING mitford! i foresee this series seeing me through the fall and winter!

courtney said...

i LOVE the one on the top left!

my sister told me about ruehle last time we were shopping in the States - i had no clue about it until i got enlightened. :)

Christina said...

So guess what. Yesterday before I went shopping the the "big city", I read a few blog posts, and your was one of them. And so I had cute brown jackets on my brain. I found one (not as cute as the one here: the buttons go all the way down the front and the waist is lower but still cute) for three dollars at Goodwill. *happy dance* : ) All that to say, "thank you for alerting me to the wonderful world of brown jackets. I'm confident that if you hadn't, I wouldn't have found mine.

natalie said...

Oh my goodness, these are super cute. There is nothing like cozy warm sweaters and jackets for the fall season.



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