September 22, 2009
today marks it, everyone. today i have been a wife to grant for 500 days. i know this because the wedding countdown in the corner of our computer screen is still counting. only now it goes higher instead of getting lower. i consider tying the knot with grant to be my big success. i am continually blessed and cherished and challenged and encouraged by this husband of mine, and not a day goes by that i am not truly, consciously thankful for him. he ameliorates me. i love that word. it is exactly what i mean to say too, grant makes me better.
thank you, grant, for a killer 500 days. i can't wait for the rest. and i love you.
i want to remember what today was like when i look back at this post someday. someday when we've been married for 5,000 days and i will have probably grown embarrassed by all this writing here, as i usually am when i look back at old diary pages. nevertheless, i will write.
september 22, 2009.
i'm wearing a belt over my shirt. and my toenails are dark, dark purple.
is the first day of fall and the sun hasn't really come out.
grant has a dentist appointment after school.
i detached my feet from my faithful flip flops and opted for socks, instead.
there are seven boxes of cereal in the kitchen. only two people live here, for goodness' sake.
i realized how much i really like our apartment.
i designed our christmas thank you cards.
i was amazed to find that the box of swiffer sweeper wet cloths from last year are still wet and perfectly good. and i used them. those things are amazing.
i took an extra long walk outside and saw some cows.
i got on facebook to say hi to somebody. and changed my profile pic while i was at it.
the grapes had to be thrown out because i saw fuzz.
i am going to make alfredo sauce, provided i have enough parmesan.
there was a special note in our door and i called grant at work to tell him about it.
i signed on to do a promising project.
i threw away that crossword puzzle that was way out of my league hard.
there was no mail in our mailbox. i dislike being disappointed by an empty box.
i made a new playlist in itunes for fall. it has some jamie cullum on it.
i blogged about being married for an interesting amount of time.


mkgraff said...

another day of your blog inspiring me, encouraging me, and making me smile...

you remind me how lucky I am to have Mike in my life, and how fun being a wife will be.

thanks for being such a blessing Summer! can't wait to see you soon...

EliseBlaha said...

I can't wait to be there...

love that photo of you two.

ALFIE said...


here's to the next 500. and the next 500 after that. and the next after that....and the next..and...and...and...

marta said...

seriously, miss summer?! how amazing is that photograph? so so beautiful. your smiles are like 100 watt bulbs. love you two together.

p.s. am making a playlist myself with forevermore by katie herzig. it's cute.

ChelseaF said...

It's been 1,648 days since my marriage began...and your 5000 day anniversary will be January 17th, 2022. Congrats! :)

Amanda said...


Oh goodness that picture of you and Grant is adorable. I think you'll look back at this post 5,000 days from now and smile.

Many congrats to you both!

(You should post some of your favorite tunes from the fall playlist...if you want!)

Frau said...

love your new picture...congrats on 500 days! It only gets better...almost to 8,000 days here and it's amazing! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Bluebelle said...

This is lovely, its such a sweet snapshot of your life. Congratulations!

Renee said...

how fun to count the days instead of months or years! us?? 9,500+
I'll have to try to remember when #10,000 is!



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