September 10, 2009
Film Review Julie & Julia
if you're like me, you saw this movie last weekend because all your friends told you that you
would totally love it. and you totally loved it.
and if you're like me, your mind was going berserk over the chocolate pie she made in this scene and for days and days after seeing the movie you were fantasizing yourself making this chocolate pie in your own kitchen.
and if you're like me, you read smitten kitchen. and you saw this. i told grant that it was a sign. i need to make this pie. i don't even believe in 'signs'. but for heaven's sake, how ironic is this? on top of that amazingness, i did a little research and found this spot full of recipes from the movie. i want to give this one a go sometime.
preschool update. i'm sure you're all dying to know how my first two days of school went (or maybe that's just you, mom.) anyway here's the skinny. the students are adorable little things and my mother-in-law, judy, is honestly the best teacher to work with. after twenty some years, she's got this down to a science. so far we've painted balloons and learned about the concept of zero and discovered that blue + yellow makes green and blown mega huge bubbles and we even have plans to visit the apple orchard next week. woohoo. i'm going to like this job. something i'm already loving about working with this age group is seeing the good manners grow inside these little bodies. my heart flipped when i saw a boy go to a classmate and ask, 'how are you today?' oh joy. how often do you hear such a tactful greeting from a 4 year old? i have a super-size soft spot for politeness, especially in little ones. i can't wait to see and hear more of it. it is ridiculously cute and wonderful.


Sarah T. said...

I knew you would love it! I couldn't stop thinking about you after we first saw it a couple weekends ago. Also, when I imagine you at preschool my mind instantly jumps to you and Jackson practicing letters in Sunday school. I know those little kids will love you if they don't already.

joy said...

hi! I clicked over from m.writes, and love that you are a preschool teacher! hope you have a wonderful year teaching and learning!

Christina said...

Oh, I'm so glad your new pre-school teaching job is going so well. I enjoyed reading your description. :D

ellen said...

I loved the movie and I printed that chocolate pie recipe off Smitten Kitchen!

marta said...

no one better to learn politeness from than from you.

Bluebelle said...

I really want to see that film! And I'm going to be thinking of that chocolate pie all weekend...

Anneliese said...

i too know that i will love it! i'm thinking it might be a 'renter' though :)

i don't know how many words pre-schoolers will ask to spell...but my funny quote of the week is 'do you know how to spell done?' (they always ask IF i know how to spell the word) and i replied 'like the cake is done?' (just to clairify i heard her right) and she says (sweet as can be) 'noooo, like i am done washing my hand.' haha! toooo cute. :)

stina1125 said...

dear summer,
a)i knew you would love love love this movie. i've seen it twice so far and will definitely be buying it.
b)grace loves going to school. she loves her teachers. and she told me all about the big bubbles. :-)

made sweet said...

yes! i so adored this movie!!



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