September 14, 2009
saturday i made blueberry boy bait.. but i didn't have quite enough blueberries, and it so tasted like it. i should have added some chocolate chips to make up for the lack of berries. remind me of that next time.
sunday i made bbq meatballs in honor of the first football game. go vikes. the meatballs were too good to be true, just like adrian peterson. they (the meatballs, not adrian) also make a mean next-day sandwich. slice 'em up, add mayo + provolone and presto, leftovers become new york deli.
and today i made cinnamon applesauce. homemade applesauce has been on my list of things to accomplish since sometime last september, so hooray for finally crossing this one off. i can't wait to taste it, it's chilling out in the fridge as i type. as i peeled and chopped and simmered those orchard apples today, i thought about how the final product will be going into grant's lunches and into applesauce cake and into the freezer for the winter and i felt like i was playing farm wife. i love 'farm wife' projects. i used tesa's recipe, because tesa always has the good stuff.
here's how you can play farm wife too!
tesa's applesauce
12 cups peeled, cored, and cubed apples
2 cups water
2 cinnamon sticks (i used 1 tsp. ground cinnamon)
2 tablespoons lemon juice or juice of 1/2 one fresh lemon
4 tablespoons raw honey
1. cook on high in large slow cooker for 3-4 hours
2. mash and continue to cook on low for 2-3 hours
3. if a smoother texture is desired, run it through the blender
4. chill thoroughly (flavor deepens after a day) or place in freezer for longer storage


Anonymous said...

Summer, seriously I wish I was you. Out of all the blogs I read you are the most talented gal and I can just tell so wonderful in every way!


ashley maureen said...

i love 'farm wife' projects too! but i never thought of calling them that... you know, you should try the applesauce warm. it's the absolute best. even when we store the homemade in the fridge, i pop it in the microwave before serving!

Mom Judy said...

I love the blueberry boy bait title thing. I had never heard of it before. All my guys love blueberries so I will have to try it. The applesauce with honey sounds good too!

Tesa said...

Oh, you are so sweet! :) Enjoy that apple sauce-- we are!

Christina said...

Blueberry boy bait is so full of such yumminess...maybe I'll make some thins week. I loved your photos of applesauce making. You should try making apple butter too; it's one of the best uses for sour apples that I know of. Making some is on my to-do list for next week.



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