September 16, 2009
things i know.
a. this conditioner looks good and smells delicious and is organic and does not work for me. if your hair tangles the slightest bit, it may not work for you either. in fact you may end up having to use the entire blasted bottle to get those tangles smoothed out. happily, i only got this because there was a mail-in rebate and i will eventually get my money back. verdict.. i do not endorse.
b. tomorrow = farmers' market(white nectarines) + preschool(cute kids) + apple orchard field trip(a ride in the big red wagon and a free apple).
c. i'm growing too dependent on dessert. i asked grant not to let me bake for awhile.
d. someday my kids will watch 'chitty chitty bang bang.' and they will love it.
e. it's time to buy some shoes that can be worn during the fall|winter in minnesota and do not have paint swiped all over one side.
f. i think this shop is cute and terribly clever with names.
g. 79 degrees and sunny for the next 3 days, baby. i don't know if this is indian summer or not, but whatever it is, i like it.
h. on saturday i get to watch my team on national television. go big red.
i. sometimes it hits us.. and grant and i realize that we live together. by ourselves. and it seems so sudden and extraordinary. it's just the two of us, finding our way. and we are loving it.
j. i've had the urge to do a crossword puzzle lately.
k. i found two dollars on the sidewalk today. i think i will to use it to buy flowers at the farmers' market in the morning.
l. it's time for dinner, and i've got corn on the cob to make for my man.


Anneliese said...

i was going to go through and say the few points that i liked...well i was doing a re-read & realized if we had the time, i would comment on every one! haha! thanks for trying the conditioner we all have wanted to buy. mainly becuause of the cool bottle, organic-ness, and scent.
have you watched c.c.b.b recently? i would love to. i still think the child catcher part would be scary. fresh flowers that's what i came home to last night!

bo big red.

Christina said...

I too sometimes have those moments of realization that I'm a "grown-up" really and truly playing house with my husband. It's fun to be one, isn't it?

Heidi said...

summer, i bought the coconut shampoo version of that line of hair product, also because of the mail-in rebate and coolness of the product. It also does not work like I would expect a $7 bottle of shampoo to work. (I would compare it to suave) And, worst part, they would not honor my mail-in rebate saying that "the store I bought it at is not a participating retailer."
I hope you get your $ back!

holly-lynn said...

i too bought the coconut version of the shampoo/conditioner. the conditioner is half full in my shower. :( i will be at your team's game, but sadly will be cheering for the other team. :)

Ash said...

That's so funny--I was thinking the other day how we've fooled all the grownups because Josh and I live together... and we're married... and we're kids... (not really, but it feels like it)... and what idiots all the adults are!

And then I realized I'm an adult. But I'm a kid. Sorry, I'm a weirdo. But I often laugh at how "grown up" life is, because it's not at all how I pictured it, and I'm not how I pictured myself (in that I'm not very serious).

holly-lynn said...

update to a previous comment. i think most of blacksburg, va would agree with me when i say nebraska fans are awesome. my husband & i are from philly, and if you know anything about philly sports you'll understand that we're usually not nice to our opponents. nothing personal, it's just our thing. however, friday night we walked all over my college town meeting the NICEST people from nebraska. then saturday sat with some nebraska fans at the game, and they were awesome too.



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