October 4, 2009
as promised, i present the final product. my first true from-scratch apple pie.
i ate a piece while it was hot and messy. and i liked it. i am growing up.


marta said...

a perfect pie crust.

EliseBlaha said...

that looks fantastic.
that can be my october goal.

Renee said...

looks like it came out perfectly!
wonderful pie-making! Do share Marian's pie crust recipe...please!

hannah :: sherbet blossom said...

it looks perfect.

Anonymous said...

yum. nice work- i'm with you on the hot apples thing, but this looks like i could maybe try and get over it : )

kELLO! said...

aw looks sooo good! :)

Aunt Kayleen said...

Congratulations Summer!! What a prize-winning pie!! If only you could post scents on your blog. I can only imagine how your home smelled while this was baking!!

Kelli said...

It looks very yummy...congrats!

Amanda said...

congrats summer.

I, to, feel like it is a rite of passage for us to perfect the pie crust-a feat that I have yet even try to master. Maybe after the wedding and moving into my own kitchen, I'll begin to try.

ChelseaF said...


katrina lauren said...

oh summer! what a lovely pie! i adore apple pie....and for some reason especially in the fall?there's just something about it!
thanks for sharing! i have two big apple trees in my backyard...perhaps a pie is in order on winnie street?



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