October 2, 2009
this morning i packed up my apron, pie plate, and a couple spare apples and went to pie-making class at grandma marian's house. yes, that grandma marian. she graciously had a bunch of us grandkids and spouses over to her kitchen to teach us the art of her apple pie. which, by the way, won first prize at the county fair. this is totally her specialty. and we got to learn a few of her special tips. yay. i feel so privileged to be in the inner circle of this blue ribbon pie. grant is going to be so proud of me, he loves his grandma's famous treat. i would definitely recommend you find a grandma to take you under her wing and teach you a thing or two about this classic skill. she may even send you home with a bowl of hot ham & bean soup for lunch. mine did.
a few things i learned in my lessons today.
1. crimping the edges is my favorite part. (mom, your thumb method never fails me.)
2. water is terribly important.
3. patience is even more important.
i promise an update once my pie is done baking, provided it looks presentable.
ps. now this is how you say hello to october.


marta said...

these kitchen fresh photos are killing me. what a treat, to learn such a skill from a master. i can't wait to hear all about it. and please do tell, what type of apples?! i have a whole bunch from my neighbor's tree, i wonder if they're too tart. hmm.. your advice will be welcome.

Heidi said...

Grandma Marian had a class on how to make her pie?!
Maybe she'll do another one at deer hunting?

hannah :: sherbet blossom said...

oh, my. apple pie is my absolute favorite. warm & cozy. apples & cinnamon. mmmm! can't wait to see the results.

ALFIE said...

what a treasure to have such a lovely grandmother to teach you these essentials!

i can't wait to start in on some pies of my own. crust is my weakness :)

Renee said...

can't wait to hear the helpful tips! I would love to master the art of pie-making! Guess that means lots of practicing...and that means lots of pie eating! Bring on a long fall and winter!



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