October 5, 2009
a muddle of things for a rainy monday.
1. i am taking my lunch break. today my turkey + cheddar sandwich is extra special because i plated it alongside sweet baby gherkin pickles. if you did not grow up with baby gherkins on your grandma's and your mom's relish tray every thanksgiving and christmas, you have not lived.
2. today i am washing my hotpads and oven mitt with the regular monday load of clothes. i realized that they were starting to look pretty trashed. how you grab the pizza pan without dipping the thumb of your mitt into the tomato sauce, i will never know.
3. my favorite time to roll through google reader is definitely breakfast. i sit down at the desk with my bowl of cereal and read until the last cheerio has been downed. i like being inspired as i eat. google reader has become a daily newspaper of sorts to me. starting the morning this way makes the day a bit rosier.
4. i have a bowl of eggs in the fridge that are all ready to be deviled and toted to the football party that i'm attending at the harms farm tonight. (where grant's parents live.) i hope that everyone else likes deviled eggs as much as i do, but i'm not sure that's entirely possible.
5. two years ago today, grant asked me to be his wife.
6. steve, my father in law, has been known to say that october 5th is the most beautiful day of the year. i love that my 'engagement anniversary' is on such an auspicious day. but a little disappointed that this year it turned out to be gray and rainy.
7. we turned on the furnace this weekend.. so much for waiting it out. i'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to numb appendages. it smelled glorious. i'm so glad you guys are with me on the burnt dust magical smell.
8. joy the baker is my new sweet spot.
9. thanks for the pat on the back for my apple pie. you guys are so awesome.
10. i got myself a 'mulled cider' candle this weekend to replace the old cinnamon one. do they not make plain cinnamon candles anymore? all i could find were pumpkin spice and autumn spice and cranberry spice. but no matter. the cider is plenty close to cinnamon and mm.. delish.


holly-lynn said...

i love deviled eggs. my husband hates mayo, but i still make them. my 81 year old grandpop loves them, so he's my excuse to make them!

Kelli said...

I did grow up on those pickles every Christmas Eve at my great-grandmothers. That takes me back. And I LOVE deviled eggs. I've tried to make them like my mom but they just aren't the same. Enjoy your day!

Sasha said...

Since you're making deviled eggs, why not make them halloween themed too? Or are spider-themed deviled eggs too creepy?

Here's the link:

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Deviled eggs are heaven on earth.

Amanda said...

Did you get to experience the sound and feeling of the furnace turning on that you love so much?

I really liked reading this post-so heartfelt, yet simple.

Enjoy those deviled eggs for me, lady:) I love those tasty little devils...haha no pun intended.

ChelseaF said...

Here's my great-grandma's secret for the best deviled eggs in the world: sour cream. (in addition to the usual, Miricle Whip not Mayo, Horseradish, and paprika)
I just found out from my aunt, that's what made grandma T's so magically delicious...and I think I may love autumn and deviled eggs nearly as much as you do dear cousin. :) Happy engagement anniversary!

Renee said...

happy engagement anniversary dear daughter! Glad the day you and Grant had was much nicer than the one we're having today...or Grant's flowers would be blowing about with the leaves! Hope you have a fun time tonight...GO VIKINGS!

{lauryl} said...

i too enjoying reading through my blog subs while eating breakfast. and joy the baker is wonderful. she's just as nice in real life as she is on her blog. i heart the REALITY of that. ;-)

Aunt Kayleen said...

Happy Anniversary on your engagement, Summer! So much to be thankful for!

brandy said...

I had to laugh about washing the hot pads. I've had the very same thought when tossing them into the washer.
I don't really like fruit pies. I know. I know. But your previous post makes me want a slice. Yummy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your engagement anniversary!

Also, I'm waiting with baited breath for tonight's game. (I'm a Packer fan who thinks the Vikes will probably win.)It's a good matchup no matter what.

natalie said...

mmmhmmmm.....Deviled Eggs!! Those are the best. Congrats on your anniversary engagement! How exciting. Have fun hanging out with your family tonight, sounds like an enjoyable evening!

marta said...

you are such a listie. and i love it. thanks for sharing your life with us. i like these condensed bits and pieces. i am definitely on the hunt for a new pumpkin / cinnamon / autumney candle. am quite picky, so it will be a good treasure hunt. was just explaining to dan why we can no longer burn the melon candle.. so last season.

glad you understand.

haley said...

i am looking at your blog for the first time on my new mac. and it looks awesome. :-)

Frau said...

Love your lists..happy engagement anniversary! We turned on our heat this weekend too! Our rental has radiant floor heating so no burnt dust smell I love that smell. Reminds me of winter. Have a wonderful day!

Mom Judy said...

Just so you know, the deviled eggs were amazing. I only got 2, (I had to beg one more from someone else) but I could have eaten the whole plate full. The sour cream was definitely a good addition. Your first apple pie looks oh so professional!

Jessica said...

you have GOT to check out the ginger pumpkin pound cake candle from anthropoligie. thye are super cheap & smell exactly the way i home SHOULD smell in autumn.



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