October 1, 2009
happy october everyone. did you celebrate? i celebrated by making the first pot of chili and watching the office with grant. yesterday i said that i would make chili when it was genuinely good and cold outside, and guess what.. it is. it is even cold in our house, and i am wearing a scarf and slippers to prove it. yep, this day was positively perfect for chili making. the only thing missing was a plate of cinnamon rolls on the side. which, if you grew up in my house, you know is truly the proper way to serve chili.
even though it's suddenly and officially chilly around here, i am determined not to turn the heat on in our house for a couple more weeks. we'll see how long i can last. a few nights in a row grant has offered to turn it on for me (i'm always the cold one. i honestly feel sorry for poor grant having to bear the icyness of my fingers and toes all the time.), but i've optimistically said that i can go a little while longer without it. it's kind of fun putting it off and roughing it. we've added 'the winter blanket' to our bed already and yesterday i sported two pairs of socks to preschool. one of which i stole from grant's stash of good, thick hunting socks.
eventually, though, i will have to face the fact that i live in minnesota and winter temps come early (and stay late). eventually i will turn on the furnace, and i will rejoice in its rumbling and blowing. you see, i really look forward to the first turning on of the furnace every year. it's an event. growing up, when dad decided that it was time, my sisters and i would get all smiley as we popped into each others bedrooms to announce, 'dad's turning on the furnace today!' i remember the rich, musty-warm smell of it so clearly. mm.. love that smell. i can't wait.


Elsa said...

It's not quite as cold here in Indiana, but I am dreaming of chili and shepherd's pie (not at the same time, of course). I'm also wondering if I can get away with slippers and a blankie at work. Hmmm.

I hope you have a cozy fall!

Kelli said...

I hope you stay warm. I'm the warm one in our house, but I do love the coziness of warmth on a cool day. It spells fall!

holly-lynn said...

i'm refusing to turn on the heat for a few weeks too. we made a fire last night, it smelled wonderful & my husband made shepards pie! i always forget how much i really love the fall!

ALFIE said...

i've been more or less forcing the dog to sleep near me in order to thrive off of the extra body heat! Michigan is pretty cold already, as well!

& i smiled ear to ear at your memory of the furnace. in my house, we had the tall stand up radiators. when the furnace was turned on, you could hear them sizzle- and you could smell the dust burning on that initial day! what sweet childhood memories!

Anneliese said...

1. the turning on of the heater IS an event. growing up, it always smelled of melting crayons (throwing them down the return during the summer...) & dust. it was awesome! i love even thinking about that smell!

2.we never grew up with cinnamon rolls...but shawn did. & i always thought he was crazy! i think they even had it as a school lunch. so i guess maybe we were the ones missing out...

John and Teresa said...

i just love that it seems like everyone truly celebrates the arrival of October. no other month seems to be greeted so warmly. everyone's facebook status showed giddyness that it is here! it truly is wonderful.

and I, too, love roughing it :o)

John and Teresa said...

i think the cinnamon roll/chili combo is definitely a midwest thing. however, i did not grow up knowing them to be a pair. maybe that will have to change.

erin elizabeth king said...

i think it's so interesting to hear about different spins on a classic dish! growing up, i always thought EVERYONE ate their chili with rice. evidently not! i learned this when i got married : ) michael and i usually stick to just chili and cornbread, but i may whip up some cinnamon rolls instead!



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