October 30, 2009
you knew it was coming. the movie review.
i can't remember when i've felt so satisfied with a $7.50 purchase.
you'll want to get yourself a ticket to this. i watched the whole thing with wide eyes and an occasional shaking of the head or squeezing of grant's hand. i couldn't believe what i was getting to see. remember what i said 6 months ago? last night, my dream almost came true. it was like having a front row seat at the concert of all concerts.
and i'm happy to report that it was done well.
the movie was respectful, lighthearted, and entertaining beyond my expectations. everything about both movie and concert was 100% classy. you see michael at the top of his game, performing the songs you love, hearing his music exactly as you remember it. this it it was truly going to be an extraordinary production, entirely for the fans, and the movie focuses on that. the opposite of somber and mournful, you see these rehearsals in a celebratory light. i feel like even though it was never performed, this is it was his triumph.
oh, and if you're like me, you're going to love the way you make me feel, thriller, and i want you back.
go see it. you'll have fun.
ps. think i will dig up an old photo of my twin and me in costume for halloween tomorrow. that's always fun. (for us and our mom.)


Kelli said...

Thanks. I have heard nothing but good things about this film. I'm glad you got your front row seat!

Renee said...

so glad to hear the movie was good. This might actually be a movie that I'll WANT to go to!
can't wait to see the picture tomorrow! happy halloween...early!

undomestic chica said...

I'm going in two hours! Glad to hear you liked it, makes me look forward to it even more!

haley said...

i loved this movie! and i discovered a new song that i love: earth song. i'm obsessed.



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