October 29, 2009
greetings. i am an apartment dweller yet.
we have not closed on the house, nor have i had the slightest thought about packing. things are at a standstill, and that is fine with me. i need some time to catch my breath and maybe bake. we're thinking things might start rolling once we hit november. but there is some news.. we've been doing some painting. you can see the color i chose for the new kitchen in the advertisement above. it's the buttery looking square. {sweet idea for a little girl's room, right? the pattern is called 'neapolitan delight'. too cute.} i knew that i wanted something light because it is such a small kitchen, and something warm because i like to feel cozy. so i aimed somewhere between classy creamy white and very mellow yellow. hopefully i got it right. we went with macaroni by martha stewart. thoughts?
and on today's agenda..
shortly.. preschool, pumpkin party today.
later.. meat market, pick up ground beef.
tonight.. off to the 'big city.' dinner + a movie.
have a merry day. i'm wearing orange and ready to party with my 4 year olds.


Anneliese said...

i think that would be my ideal kitchen color! yellow...but not realllly yellow. subdued.

i too am wearing orange. in the form of crazy socks.

have a fun date night!

Anonymous said...

Is tonight the Michael Jackson movie? I am DYING to get to that one sometime in the next couple of weeks.

natalie said...

awesome color choice, summer!
when i found out you were painting i had this picture in my mind of you painting it cream like that! and then today you posted this! how funny! your house is going to look and feel so cozy and welcoming.

haley said...

i totally thought these were pictures of your new house...and i gasped outloud. that color will be AWESOME in the kitchen.

haley said...

PS. is outloud one word? no.

{lauryl} said...

love the color! It's very close to the color I have my living room and dining room painted in. So cozy and warm!

ALFIE said...

love the colors!

hope you had a fabulous party with the munchkins & an even more fabulous time in the city :)

Mom Judy said...

When you said a butter yellow I knew that I was going to like it.



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