October 13, 2009
you folks are so good to me. so encouraging and enthusiastic. i can't say that enough. i hope you saw my thank you note last night. now, as promised, pictures! i have to tell you. at first, i wasn't sold on the house.. but that was only before i went inside. this house is so full of charm that i can hardly stand the wait. (we will be moving in sometime during november.) i just want to get in there right this minute.
i didn't get photos of all the rooms, but this is a pretty good peek at most of it. the two photos with carpet are taken upstairs, and the brownish gray room is the living room.
and some reasons why i already adore this humble abode.
1. it was built in 1947 and has been completely re-done.
2. no one has lived there since the remodeling, so it feels all brand new and blank canvasy.
3. we get to pick out new appliances!
4. hardwood floor.
5. two bathrooms! two. bathrooms. two.
6. real a/c. no window a/c like most of the older houses around here.
7. dwarfed closet doors with little silver knobs that feel like alice in wonderland.
8. little arch by the front door.
9. lots of windows to keep it bright and cheery. (this is so big for me.)
10. hardwood floor.
11. the second floor is a loft-style master bedroom. (i'll have an upstairs.. stairs! in my house!)
12. walk-in closets upstairs.
13. the master bath has jacuzzi jets in the tub. didn't realize this until after we bought it. bonus.
14. a guest bedroom. we can have company!
15. a bay window.
16. hardwood floor.
17. there is a spot for a dishwasher! and it's on the way already, baby.
18. i love the current paint color in the living room.
19. an extra room that i don't even know what to do with yet.
20. a coat closet. (we don't have one of those fancy things in our apartment.)
think i'm going to have a ball in this house. more later. happy tuesday!


marta said...

oh goodness, summ, this is truly a stunning li'l home. i love the archway, the paint color made me gasp aloud, such a rich charcoal, i love it. and that room with the slanted ceilings... i dream of rooms like that. congrats to you. am so happy for you and can't wait to see how you make it your own.

lily said...

congratulations!! this is a beautiful home- great colors AND beautiful. floors. we had an archway like that in our first home and it was one of my favorite parts of our house. congrats again!!

hannah :: sherbet blossom said...

completely charming. what a dream home!

Bluebelle said...

Oh wow, that is beautiful! Those are gorgeous hardwood floors and I love that archway - is that where the front door comes into?

stina1125 said...

summer - i cannot even express in words how excited i am for you two! congratulations!!!!!!

John and Teresa said...

it is darling! by the way, closing on the house will not take hours and your hand will not hurt from signing as everyone will tell you. people really do exaggerate on that.

Anneliese said...

wow! everything looks so fresh & clean & charming! and new appliances? be still my heart. are you just going to move in and put the christmas tree up? it is dreamy, summer.

Tawnya S said...

How beautiful! I LOVE that you are enjoying all of the little and big things!! That makes all the difference:) Thanks for sharing pics of your new home.

Victoria said...

This is the best of both worlds - a vintage exterior and interior with central ac and new appliances. I'm really excited for you. Congratulations again!

Amanda said...

even more beautiful on the inside!

You are living in my dream home...here's to you and grant!

Renee said...

this house will be sooo fun to decorate for Christmas! I know Thanksgiving will be your first real holiday in the house...but we'll have that here! As soon as you get home..I imagine the tree and lights will be going up! It will be just beautiful!

Tiffany said...

beautiful house! Congratulations!

agirlwrites said...

What an adorable house!

natalie said...

two words, POTTERYBARN!!! This house is too cute, Summer. I bet you are just dying to get in there and add your lovely touch. Congrats, my dear cousin!

Kelli said...

It is so adorable and seems to fit what I know of you. I love the hardwood floors and the beautiful front window. It lets in so much light and that is a plus with any home. I still can't wait to see what all you do. I'm so excited for you and Grant.

Ash said...

Congratulations! I love all the charm. I want to move in. Can I?

Just kidding. But that is still so exciting!!!

Christina said...

Oh, Summer, that is BEAUTIFUL! (trying not to be jealous of your lofty bedroom, hardwood floors, and bay window) I also love the colors. All except the dark greyish one in the living room are ones I have in my house. : ) It will be so much fun to decorate it and make it all your own.

Maryclayre Dick said...

Is it okay if I am in love with it too? It is sooo perfect! I am so happy for you guys!

KaylaDanielle said...

I'm trying not to be jealous, but I am IN LOVE! IN LOVE!

ashley maureen said...

how wonderful, summer! i am so excited for you to begin this new adventure. we are actually in the same process, just waiting for that right "one" to come into our lives. can't wait to see what you have in store for this little abode!

Elisabeth said...

oh summer.
your news made my heart trill & dance. how very excited i am for you & your man! it's just contagious! in the first post, i hadn't imagined just how charming your little haven would be! eeekkkk! do you know that my top two prerequisites for a home are huge windows & hardwood floors. double check. built in 1947?! charmed, i'm sure. i love love the sloped doorways & that last room is like an artist's dream. and as i read through your list, i fell solidly into your own fairytale. thanks for letting us participate in this joyous welcome to the house you will turn into a cozy loving home.

Anonymous said...

So excited about your new home. It looks cozy and homey. Can't wait to see how you add your personal style.

madeline said...

thats a cool house!

A Blog In The Life Of Krystal... said...

Wow, those red walls are amazing. Love the cozy feeling!



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