October 14, 2009
today we leave for our little two-day fall getaway. we are going to my hometown in nebraska where we will shop for paint colors and shower curtain rods, eat at chipotle, spend time with sisters, drink coffee (grant will pass on this), and carve pumpkins. i cannot wait to get there. homecomings are extra sweet at that house. mom will most likely have candles burning and dinner cooking and our room all spiffed up. she's a whiz at hostessing.
i am taking the november issue as reading material for the car trip. it came in the mail yesterday, but i am making myself wait to open a single page until we get on the interstate. we'll see how their 'pie crust 101' differs from what i learned at grandma marian's class.
maybe i will take some photos of our pumpkins once they are all sliced up and ready to be judged. and maybe i will stop in and say hi while i'm at mom and dad's house. and maybe i will share my favorite ideas from the pottery barn thanksgiving catalog. maybe.
{sidenote.. i am amazed at how many of you are leaving me little notes and spilling your thoughts on the new house! truly, thanks a million. hearing what you like about it makes me love it even more.. and hearing that you dream of places like it makes me treasure it all the more. i know that i have so much to be thankful for. i am just rejoicing over and over.
ps. am blown away by how many mentioned christmas in the comments! too sweet. it's like you were reading my mind. how did you know that i would be planning where to put the tree when it's only october 14th? we are so funny. christmas decorating is way up high on my list of favorite things in this world. maybe top five, even. so glad you guys are with me on this.}
catch you on the other end of this week and happy day to you!


Christina said...

Happy trip to you! : ) It sounds like you have a delightful line up of events planned.

ChelseaF said...

Wish we could see you when you're in town, but I know you'll have a blast...sounds like you have great plans in store! :) You really do have a great house for Christmas decorating, and I know it'll look beautiful.



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