October 19, 2009
it is monday and i am back. here it is.. a twelve photo recap of our holiday in my hometown. the house, the puppy dog, the carving contest, the mj tribute, a housewarming candle, and a dash of blurriness. {jack-o-lanterns are hard to capture} get ready for a whole long scroll.


John and Teresa said...

LOVE it! it was fun to see derrick in there this year :o) your parents house is always SOOO warm and inviting. and your mom definitely has it looking like fall.

Kelli said...

Those are amazing. I can't believe Grant was able to do MJ! Sounds like a good time.

holly-lynn said...

i can't wait to show my friend grant's mj pumpkin. my friend wanted to do MJ but her fiance talked her out of it, i bet she'll carve another pumpkin after she she sees that pumpkin!

Renee said...

thanks for sharing your great pictures summer! Your pictures make everything look wonderful! We had a great time too...and the pumpkins are still doing great! (little hint: spray them with a mix of lemon juice and water..and keeping them in 40* weather doesn't hurt either!)

Aunt Kayleen said...

Oh how I loved the weekend update, Summer. What amazing pumpkins! And amazing family to carve them with. Oops! I ended that sentence with a preposition. I should say "amazing family with 'witch' to carve them". :)

Anonymous said...

you have some seriously talented pumpkin-carvers in your family! great pics :)

notebookdoodles said...

WOW! these are amazing :p

ALFIE said...

looks like a fabulous time!

lovin the anthro candle & starbucks!! yummm!

Lil said...

ooh, such great pumpkins!!!!

natalie said...

awesome pics, summer! i love to see you and the fam getting festive with all the pumpkins and decor. i have to admit, i'm already brainstorming what kind of christmas decor i want around this season. love the pb catalog but definitely only use them for ideas since budgets and overpriced don't mix. :) happy fall, summer!!

marta said...

absolutely boo-tiful. you and your creations and your visit back home. i love this post about true wholesome family fun. and what a darling shirt you wear (festive to be black/white for pumpkin carving)! glad you had a ball together. and i must admit, i loved miley and the simple country life in that movie. am slowly becoming a fan of that girl.



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