October 20, 2009
man oh man.
i am completely idea-laden after seeing the latest pottery barn catalog. {i say idea-laden because there's no way i'd be laden with online cart items or a real shopping list or something that requires a credit card like that. no, not so much. on a budget and overpriced don't really gel. but, hey, ideas are cool. and way cheap.} this is definitely a stopandstudyeachpage issue. i even had to do a second look-through. i even had to run to the desk and grab paper + pen to jot down all the prettiness. i even had to take pictures of the pictures. it's that good. or i'm that desperate for dreamy holiday decor. one of the two.
for awhile there i thought i was so over pb, but they've redeemed themselves big time with this extra-thick-and-pretty number. maybe it's the fact that there was snow on the rooftops all last week or knowing that i'm going to be in a brand new house for christmas, but i was completely smitten with this maybe-a-little-too-early holiday issue. where normally i might not want to give in to prematurely lit trees and draped garland and wrapped gifts in october, i'm finding they are all too welcome in my mind this year. plus, there are some different set-ups in this catalog and i always love it when they start showing new rooms.. those old ones get redone so much that after awhile i start to loathe the sight of them. anyway. on to the good things. i am loving the
1. rich white walls
2. lanterns + creamy pillar candles
3. magnolia wreaths in the windows
4. buffalo check bedding
5. wrapped gifts out 'n' about
6. flatware stored in pretty goblets
7. giant linen pinboards
8. rectangular glass vases
9. tiny white votive candles
10. silver beads mixed in the garland
11. oversized pinecones
12. tall white mugs for hot cocoa
13. twine and newspaper wrapping
14. soft ivory quilts
15. white pumpkins
i think i must be going through a white-ivory-cream-neutral thing right now.
not to worry. after we get past thanksgiving i will be 100% ready for red + green.


Anonymous said...

We have a white pumpkin this year, and seeing it on the mantle makes me so happy! Also it makes me feel weirdly like a grownup. I don't know why.

Mmm, PB Catalogue. Such a dangerous thing.

Renee said...

love the pillows in that picture! And I can so see you with the linen pin board. any new additions to your Christmas list?!!

marta said...

beautiful. welcome back! and those nails.. would love to know the hue.

p.s.you won't believe this, i have that exact same page sitting on my kitchen table, awaiting it's Dreamy House file.

ashley maureen said...

oh my goodness, i could not agree more. i have pored over the current catalog at least twice, marking more pages each time. as much as i long for the pieces they show, i have decided to take advantage of those "free ideas". love it.

donya said...

This is SO like me. I also will go through a Pottery Barn mag over and over and over. Jotting down notes, ripping out pages to save in my idea box. Love, love, LOVE it. And even though their stuff is way overpriced, those ideas are thankfully free. :) Happy Decorating!

EliseBlaha said...

FIRST : I think we have the same nail polish on right now.

SECOND : I am going through all my magazines today and filling things away for inspo. love this.

Ashley M said...

Okay. I feel like I have been so busy lately and haven't been reading your blog. Big mistake. I forgot how much I love it. So exciting to think about decorating!! Congrats on the house! Colin and I just bought a house in Papillion. :)
I don't get to move in until June though!



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