October 25, 2009
life is good'n'busy.
early alarms and late nights. preschool. a dinner party. football. making 14 pies in the camp kitchen (of the pumpkin pecan, autumn ice cream, and sour cream apple variety). grocery shopping at 11 pm. serving 100+ people a grand supper. and priming + painting our new kitchen.
in other news, tomorrow night we have a little fall program for our preschool. the kids will get up on stage and stumble through all the words to our songs and try to keep up with the actions and be utterly adorable. i hope. at the end they get to take home a balloon, so it'll all be good.
in other news, my hands have hundreds of tiny cuts and cracks from hard water and dry air. grant says that i wash my hands a ridiculous amount, and he is really right, but i can't seem to stop myself. does anybody have a heavy-duty, non-vanilla smelling lotion for me to try? preferably something that won't leave my fingers greasy for the next 14 hours?
in other news, my favorite fall threads are the farm girl shirt and a handmedown 100% silk long-sleever from my mother-in-law. superthin and superwarm. i'm trying to fit it under everything.
in other news, i have the tv on right now. during the day. so weird for me. but today, the pioneer woman is on the bonnie hunt show and i am not going to miss out.
in other news, i have discovered two good things about walmart.
1. a tiny cup of flawless chocolate ice cream. $1.00 gets you perfect brownie fudge taste. i'm happy.
2. sam. he's the guy at the paint department, and he is tops. he matched my martha stewart paint swatches perfectly, he enlightened us about primer, and he reminded us of our friend bryant. grant and i agreed, we would have bought anything from sam. we wished he would have walked around the entire store with us and advised us on how to spend our money.
must skedaddle.
there is a treadmill i must visit, chicken to put in the crockpot, and an apartment to clean because a potential buyer is coming to look at it this afternoon. have a killer monday.


Kelli said...

I love those little containers of Ben and Jerry's...perfect for me. It sounds like you're having a great time prepping the house and making goodies. Enjoy today!

agirlwrites said...

I really liked St. Ives whipped silk. It's not greasy at all and I love it. In fact I have a few bottles all around the house. I shall put some on now!

Anonymous said...

Neutrogena Norwegian Handcream is the best! Don't get the unscented one though...it actually smells nasty!
Love your blog!
Congrats on the house!! It's lovely!


southern daze said...

Those pies sound divine! Would you mind to share the recipes for them and your crockpot dinner? I need all the help & inspiration I can get!


Christina said...

I like Queen Helene brand cocoa butter lotion. It smells lightly chocolaty which makes me happy and is nice and natural. : )

Those tiny Ben and Jerry's fudge ice cream cups. They're just the perfect amount of ice cream.

Michelle S said...

I love Aveeno unscented lotion 24 Hour therapy! I use it on my face & body it's great when your skin is super dry because it's got zero fragrance so you can moisturize while using other scented products. Another lotion I tried recommended to me by my mother-in-law that I used after a SERIOUS sun-burn & peeling had kicked in was Vaseline Intensive Rescue range, it was AMAZING! Hope you find one that works.

Kristi said...

Avon Intensive Therapy lotion. No smell, great for people who wash their hands upteen times a day (like me!!) AND, it is inexpensive.

ChelseaF said...

Avon Skin So Soft--Winter Soft...someone gave it to me as a baby shower gift (baby diapers=lots of handwashing), and I keep it next to the kitchen sink. Has sort of a rose scent, but doesn't smell floral, exactly. :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, amen to the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula. Love that stuff. My mom also used to wear these little cotton gloves around the house after she put hand cream on--it looked kind of ridiculous while she did it, but her hands were always super soft.

Donna said...

Aquaphor or Eucerin...they work magic!

marta said...

this post made me smile. you are one busy bee, always bringing about goodness.

i love good lotion. am very needy when it comes to my choices. favorites are: neutrogena, kiehls, aveda and the fancy l'occitane brand.

A Blog In The Life Of Krystal... said...

MMMMM...Ben and Jerrys! I just stumbled upon your blog, but I love it :)



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