October 27, 2009
a few reminders for today. tuesday, october 27, 2009.
no. 1 last year, a few of you mentioned that you would like to join me in my little non-scrapbooking venture. if that is still the case, this is your reminder to save any and all catalogs + magazines that turn up in your mailbox from now until christmas. there is plenty of free glossy paper out there, you just have to start stashing. december will be here before we know it.
no. 2 today you can pre-order john mayer's new album battle studies. hope it's a good one.
no. 3 this cool book goes on sale (and on my christmas list) today. check out the cool blog that goes with it. and the cool guy that wrote it. he reminds me of classy danny kaye.
no. 4 don't forget.. daylight savings time ends this weekend. more time for trick-or-treating.
no. 5 it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown is on abc tonight. don't miss.
no. 6 only 59 days until christmas.
no. 7 this is it premieres tomorrow. we're going to see it on thursday.


John and Teresa said...

i love this list! you sure know how to make one. that book sounds neat. john LOVES books so you'll have to let me know what it's like.

yes, charlie brown and i have a date tonight!

haley said...

you're going to see this is it??!!!! i am so jealous right now.

natalie said...

loved your post,summer. but, then again, i ALWAYS do!! can't wait for charlie brown!!! aaron and i are going to watch it tonight while tom does his homework. i'll think of you!

ashley maureen said...

what a great list. i am gearing up for charlie brown as we speak. lots of good things today.



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