October 28, 2009
i am celebrating because it is still fall. that bit of snow we got back on october the 10th is nowhere to be seen. the leaves are still flying their brilliant colors. woohoo. i was scared for a little while. would hate to have winter start too soon. so in honor of the state of still fall, something random and even a tad romantic.
grant and i wrote letters to each other this summer. in the letters, we each made a list of things we want to do together someday. then we exchanged letters and compiled all of our objectives into one giant list. and, of course, we put it in notebook, where it will never get lost and we can check things off as we go. pretty soon we are going to check the box that says 'move into our own home.' cool.
such an easy undertaking, but really fun. seeing what the other list-maker wrote down is maybe the best part. you could even convert this idea into a little date, if you are so inclined. maybe take your fellow lister to a little cafe and order a slice of carrot cake to split as you write your lists. wish i had thought of that before. one more thing. if you do it all in writing, i think that is so freeing. that way nothing gets shot down because it sounds too simple or common or immature. in pen, the words can be perfect. let no thing go unwritten. here are a few items from the g + s list.
1. sleep in a cabin during a storm
2. travel by train
3. keep some kind of garden
4. ride rockin' roller coaster at disneyworld
5. eat in a famous restaurant
6. play a duet
7. see ferris bueller's day off
8. do a crossword puzzle
9. sit in a coffeeshop and use their wi-fi
10. read through the entire bible together
11. see one of our favorite musicals on stage
12. eat at pinkberry again
13. put together a big puzzle
14. go out to breakfast
15. watch all episodes of arrested development and the star wars movies (again)
16. go to a special showing of an old movie in a cool theatre


Renee said...

great idea! thanks for sharing some of your "things to do"!

Kelli said...

You two are adorable. Keep enjoying one another.

natalie said...

how romantic! love it!

Anonymous said...

Aw, love that! Tom and I made a list like that a long time ago--I get such a kick out of crossing things off.

Ted & Alicia Smith- said...

I love this idea Summer! I love lists too, so I think this will be our next date night!

Nessa said...

My husband and I are making a list like this for things we would would like to do with our little one. I want one for us now too - Thanks Summer

southern daze said...

I LOVE this idea!!

holly-lynn said...

if neither of you have seen ferris buellers day off. move to #1, and #2 should be: spend one day like ferris bueller, no cares.



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