October 22, 2009
mm and lm
so we've started another list at our house. and as grant and i are both major list-makers, this comes as no surprise. (but you already knew that about me, didn't you?) happily for us, circus ponies (how fab is that name?) makes this handy dandy mac application called notebook, and my father in law hooked us up with it. yay and thank you, steve.
grant relies heavily on notebook for keeping everything in order and duly noted and properly prioritized, and i just plain love it. under the summer tab you'll see grocery lists, my 'get @ target' list, gift ideas, short term goals, someday goals, recipes, to-do lists, and more. most recently added is a list of things we want our kids to read|experience someday.
the mr. men and little miss books are definitely on our list. haley, remember these? i bet you are laughing at the mr. bump picture. if the library here in my small town does not have these books, i do not know what i will do. i just want to run over there right this minute and check. there is something in me that does not want to buy all the good books for my kids but instead let them find the joy of borrowing them from the library like i did. i lived on library books. mom, thank you for taking me to that musty-smelling building time after time and letting me fill my arms with way too many books for me to finish before the due date. i love you for that.
while we were at mom and dad's house last week, i picked up a few of our old classic bedtime books. you'll see some of them on the list below, along with some other 'must reads' for our kids. and just look at this. (make sure you scroll to the bottom.) even handily categorized by age. i dream about lists like this. such a marvelous resource. can't wait to add some of these to my checklist.


Anonymous said...

I love this list. My all time favorite book for kids--and one of my favorite books, period--is Eloise. She's pretty much my hero.

Renee said...
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marta said...

what a fantastic idea. i love that you're already creating such a list for the future. way to be completely prepared. i adored the berenstein bears, velveteeen rabbit, little miss, and jolly postman too. i love peter rabbit, Richard Scarry books and the golden spine classics, like Doctor Dan. in first grade i obsessed over Wacky Wednesday. now i give it as a gift when a little one is going to his first day of school. will be dreaming of more titles all day. thanks for a fantastic idea, summer. as per usual.

Renee said...

ooohhh I remember "Ira Sleeps Over"!
isn't she carrying a teddy bear and blanket on the front cover? I LOVED reading that to you girls!
I certainly do hope your library has all your favorites ...and you can make it a weekly "adventure" for your children too! (it's a great way to get them to happily tag along with you through the grocery store...when "the library" is coming next!)

Kelli said...

I loved those books as a child and have bought a few for my kids.

lily said...

a good friend of mine just got married and one of their readings was from the velveteen rabbit- so sweet. cried more than i usually do at weddings...

and nancy drew! love. :)

Nessa said...

Love your list - My husband and I have been building a library for our little one since we found out it was on the way. I just picked up a really nice version of the "Velveteen Rabbit" at Goodwill. We have read it 3 times already.

haley said...

you forgot strega nona! and cloudy with a chance of meatballs!!

ps: mr. bump is hilarious. where is his mouth.

Anonymous said...

I've started lists like this many-a-time, but always seem to lose them. I could totally use that handy dandy list program!

I would definitely be adding The Chronicals of Narnia and Bread and Jam for Francis. Oh! And If You Give a Mouse a Cookie . And all of the Amelia Bedilia books! Okay, I am stopping now....

Elsa said...

Here are a few kids' books I love:

The Ox-Cart Man
Thanksgiving at the Tappletons
Fox under First Base

And for the really little kids, I recently discovered a hilarious book in the church nursery: But Not the Hippopotamus. I still liked it after the seventh-in-a-row reading, so it must be good!

Bethany said...

You can see if the library has it without going over there!
Click on catalog and select your library from the drop down list. Plus, if your library doesn't have it, you can request to have another library send it. For free! (except for those fines when you decide you want to keep it an extra two weeks)

Also, may I recommend The Runaway Bunny?

Christina said...

I loved the Sand Cake book when I was little! I think that one of the funnest parts of being a parent is getting to choose and read good books with my boys. Of course, this is still rather limited since my oldest just turned two, but we do still have fun reading together. Today we started "The House at Pooh Corner" by A. A. Milne.

leni said...

i grew up with the mr. men and little miss books and still love them!

Sharon said...

O.k., I've been a lurker around here long enough! I found your website through my niece, Lauren. I knew your husband when he was little and I worked at Camp Shetek. My son was a camper at Shetek this summer for the first time and loved it...thanks for cooking for him. :) Love your website! This morning I was helping catalog some books in my 2nd graders classroom and thinking that we could use from fresh books around here (home)...thank you so much for this post---perfect!!! We love the library too!

ALFIE said...

summer. seriously. this list is a kids dream! i LOVED the mr. men & little miss books. i can also recall being slightly obsessed with the television show.

don't forget to add a few clifford books to the mix. and the mixed-up files of ms basil e. frankwiler.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the books 'Love you forever' by Robert Munsch and 'The Giving Tree' by Shel Silverstein. Two great books to add to your list!



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