October 21, 2009
okay, last photo of this catalog. i promise. isn't this room pretty? doesn't it make you want to scatter little white candles on your staircase?
anyway. business.
a. thank you for all the generous compliments on our pumpkins! we had a grand little contest this year and even though i was not the winner, i did finish first. meaning i sat and scarfed kit-kats and watched the rest of hannah montana while everybody was still poking and sawing their 'kins. this was kind of a big deal, because i am known for slowness. so hooray to that.
b. my nail polish, which some of you asked about and is maybe the real reason i posted this picture today, is deeply violet by sally hansen. the diamond strength bottle. i love love love it. it's basically a poor girl's lincoln park after dark and i'll have you know: it's on my fingers and toes. not very often does the matching happen, so that says a lot about this shade of polish. it's versatile. and amazing.
c. i can't stop thinking about something i recently read by elizabeth elliot. she simply said: you can create a climate for your husband and home, according to your attitude. this is all too true. i see it all the time; my mood determines the tone of the house. i create my own climate. in essence, if i want my new house to be a place of beauty, peace and good cheer, i need to start with myself, rather than a can of paint or pottery barn gift card.
it would be better for me to have a not so great looking living room filled with cheerful smiles and happy hearts than to have a picture-perfect one if it housed moodiness, whining, and harsh words. (or, to quote a proverb, 'better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened calf with hatred.') it is so important for me to be aware of this, as i am the home maker and the atmosphere of that home is the world grant returns to when he comes home from work. it is the world our guests venture into. i want them to feel cozy and content in this spot; it should be a peaceful refuge from the hard world. i need to take responsibility for the tone i bring to the table.
so, in a sense, i can start making my new home lovely even before moving in, just by having a good attitude from the get-go. no matter the furniture arrangements or expensive purchases or decor that will be 'so 2009' in a short while or how much it looks or does not look like pottery barn, it will be our home. and ultimately, the attitudes in it will determine how truly pretty and welcoming it is. i need to remind myself of this when i get wrapped up in all the materialness. am making it a point to be cheerful always, for the sake of my beautifying my home.
and that's what was on my mind this morning.


Renee said...

great post...and you are absolutely right on all points! thanks for the great reminder of what influence we wives/mothers have in our homes!
another great proverb: "it's better to live in a corner of a roof, than in a house with a contentious woman."
love you!

Bluebelle said...

I love this idea - happy you = happy home. People really are more important than things right?

Anonymous said...

I really like this idea--instead of being in a cruddy mood because my house doesn't look the way I want it to, to kind of flip over and change things from the inside out. I'm a fan.

Anonymous said...

I love this look of the white house.

My current OPI is Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees a beautiful fall gray-black.

holly-lynn said...

c. is so true. having a better family starts with being a better person. i have a lot of difficulty with this, but i know if i keep in my mind i will try a little harder! thanks for the reminder. :)

Tesa said...

Wonderful thoughts, Summer. Thanks for the encouragement and reminders!

natalie said...

thanks for the encouraging words, summer. so true, we women have such an influence on the "beauty" of our home. So good to hear those refreshing words. Oh, and the little white candles everywhere are to die for!

Kelli said...

GREAT THOUGHTS! You are working well at being a home maker and it is beautiful to read about. Love the polish too!

Lil said...

Thanks for this great post! It really made me think of my own home life and how mood really does effect the feeling of the home and the people who live and visit it.



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