November 30, 2009
alright, i forgot to bring my camera with me to mom and dad's house for thanksgiving. oops. guess i'll just substitute with this rad poster via one of grant's 6th grade students. i saw it on our table while grant was doing some grading, and really liked it. my favorite part is the heart he drew to cover up a mistake. (haley, i know you are laughing at this.)
we had such a good holiday in nebraska. along with the excitement of the engagement, we also had a merry party with all the cousins and watched vintage bugs bunny cartoons and ate yummy cinnamon coffee cake and haley styled me some new natalie-inspired bangs. (my cousin has awesome bangs.) thanks for hosting us, mom and aunt kayleen! we had a ball.
have you all been taking a look at the five and ten around the www on this cyber monday? i'm pleased to tell you that i am a mere one gift away from having my christmas shopping finito. and it's all thanks to ebay and black friday, baby. oh man, do i love black friday. let me enlighten you.
once upon a late thanksgiving eve, after a sleepy drive home from the cousins' house, mom and us girls suddenly decided to pull an all-nighter and decorate the house for christmas. we must've been high on tryptophan. after hanging the stockings on the mantle and digging through storage bins of holiday decor, we were brimming with christmas energy, and headed straight out to the early morning day-after-thanksgiving sales. and a tradition was born. years later, we are still waking at 4:30, throwing on scarves and going out into the blackness of black friday. i love it for so many reasons.
for the crowds, the stillness of the air in the dark morning, and the feeling of being out there with the best of 'em. something about everybody waking up and doing the same thing.. it's a thrill.
for being my escape of small town stores and being my taste of it's christmastime in the city. for shopping centers bedecked with twinkling lights and the giant tree in the center of the outdoor mall.
for grant hiding a gift card by my pillow and telling me to have fun with the girls in the morning.
for the 6 am egg mcmuffins and a midmorning egg nog latte from scooters. mmm.
for waiting in line, door-busters, and special bags that will get you 25% off, filled to bursting.
for picking out my sisters' christmas gifts and hiding them under coats in the cart.
for making me feel like a kid again. it's the only day when a married girl like me can plop into the front seat next to her mom and have mom hand her some shopping money, just like old times.
for good finds. this year i came away with much needed slippers and some cozy winter cardigans (cardigans must be the it thing for 2009, along with dresses and plaid).
most of all, i love it for the sweet memories and traditions and camaraderie with mom, haley, and chelsea. thanks for a grand black friday, girls. can't wait for next year.


natalie said...

love to read about the holiday traditions in your family. sounds like loads of fun! rock on with the bangs, girl! your sister has got the touch!

Ash said...

That's a fun tradition! I HATE black Friday... mostly because I'm not a morning person in any way. But you make it seem alright, even fun. Maybe.

Aunt Kayleen said...

Your presence was the best of all presents! My thanks to you and Grant!!

Renee said...

black friday is the BEST!! Even if I didn't get too much scratched off my Christmas's still a tradition that will hopefully continue!..."Long live egg-mcmuffins and Scooters and Target....and mostly...Long live the memories"!

marta said...

i must i must i must get into this tradition. i've never really truly shopped on black friday. i need to print this out and send it to my sisters for next year. future daughters; this is a definite must. thank you for your oh so persuasive speech.

so glad you had a ball in ne. and congrats to your twin on the upcoming nuptials. oh it will be so grand re-living all the fun through her. with her. twins are the best. even pretend twins.

and p.s. i love that you love mcdonalds breakfast.

haley said...

i AM laughing. :)

ps: i like smiley emoticons with no noses. i just decided.

Mom Judy said...

I too love student art. I always had to fix things with a heart or two. I have never done a black Friday until this year. Ann & Casey, Jesse, Julie, & Moses, and I went out but not until 9:00. Does that count? It sounds like a blast! The way I see it- It is a women's deer hunting event.



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