November 30, 2009
she sent word this morning that i no longer have to keep quiet. so i'm here to shout it from the rooftop.. haley is engaged!
yep. my twin sister is all grown up and getting married. how time does fly. seems like not too long ago we were sporting mom's hot rollers and dancing around the living room in our sunday slips to the skater's waltz. but now we get to do cool grown up things like wear diamond rings and be wives. derrick the boyfriend popped the question thanksgiving morning, and later, derrick the fiancee, with a sparkly-ringed haley on his arm, joined us for the big feast and our customary christmas tree lighting + egg nog ceremony. i'm so excited and feel so privileged to have been there when it happened. woohoo. there were many tears of joy before we sat down to eat turkey and give thanks this year.
i've never seen haley so happy before. she was on top of the world having her guy by her side during the tree trimming and curling up next to him on the couch during the football games. i'm sure she was trying to soak up the momentousness of the day and attempting to fully grasp the 'he's mine!' reality. at least that what i remember bouncing around in my giddy head on my engagement day.
i am so excited for my awesome new brother in law, who has been my friend for years and is forever making me laugh. welcome to the family, derrick! and so thrilled for my beautiful, brilliant sister. she'll always be my first friend. congratulations, guys. i love you.


Amanda said...

Oh wow-I was just like Haley when my fiancee became my fiancee...hard to believe that was in June!

Happy planning and giddiness goes out to Miss Haley!

natalie said...

woot woot!! congratulations to haley for the engagement and to summer for the new brother-in-law! good times!

Renee said...

awww...what a nice post Summer! Love the picture too! can't wait for the wedding planning to begin!!

haley said...

thank you so much for the post, sums! i love you so much!!!

ChelseaF said...

Yay yay yay!!! Still so excited. :)

leni said...

too cute!

Mom Judy said...

Congratulations, Haley! I am so happy for you. Let the plans begin. Renee knows how to sport a fabulous wedding. Enjoy every minute of it! The rollers in the hair picture is adorable.

John and Teresa said...

we are so excited for haley and derrick! congrats to everyone! it's so much fun when your family grows. i'm kind of sad that our family is done with weddings!



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