December 1, 2009

fifty nifty ideas to celebrate and anticipate the most wonderful time of the year.

1. sing praise for the birth of our Savior
2. make holiday punch
3. dance to the christmas song with grant
4. string lights in every nook and cranny
5. bundle up and go for a stroll around the neighborhood
6. trim the tree
7. tuck a treat into the mailbox for our postman
8. stop at the floral shop and search for mistletoe
9. sing christmas carols from the hymnal
10. paint my nails a christmasy red
11. pore over the glistening holiday magazines
12. pick up a box of clementines
13. watch christmas tv specials and it's a wonderful life
14. play scrabble
15. borrow a christmas book from the library
16. pray for 2010
17. deck the house
18. get a slice of famous carrot cake at left bank cafe
19. do a giant jigsaw puzzle
20. watch snow fall
21. sit at the cafe and sip hot chocolate
22. make a cozy bed in front of the christmas tree
23. read the christmas story
24. drive around hunting for pretty light displays
25. make classic holiday delights (covered pretzels, haystacks, peanut butter balls)
26. watch white christmas and sing along
27. hang stockings and fill with grocery store gifts
28. create a christmas station on pandora
29. take homemade goodies to new neighbors
30. hang wreaths and trim with a shiny silk ribbon
31. go caroling
32. bake cream cheese pound cake
33. drive to a city for shopping and soup @ panera
34. make red and green paper chains
35. listen to christmas music round the clock
36. give a gift to someone in need
37. pick out a couple new christmas songs from itunes
38. choose the best christmas commercial of the year
39. see the christmas pageant at church
40. make mom's cinnamon rolls
41. read the night before christmas
42. make special gift tags
43. do an advent calendar
44. wrap gifts during a showing of a christmas story
45. have a big, fancy french toast 'n' orange juice breakfast
46. play board games with family
47. wear scarves and slippers
48. light pine-scented candles
49. watch little women with sisters
50. drink egg nog from wine glasses


Ashley said...

Love the list. I think I was smiling the entire way down. You have inspired me to download Santa Baby on my phone. Haha.

Amanda said...

oh sweet summer-thanks for compiling such a swell list (many ideas on here that I'll be doing too).

Look's like you and grant will have one busy, blissful December!

Renee said...

great list Summer! Let's compare how many we've done when you come home!
enjoy this month of fun and celebration!

stina1125 said...

"Little Women" with the sisters... yes!

natalie said...

wow! i love your list of holiday to-do's. there something so fun about doing these particulars in the month of Decemeber. i'm going to try and do something festive every day this month and i started with baking cranberry muffins and taking them over to the grandparents. happy month of December, dear cousin. love ya!

Kelli said...

Great list. Very festive and perfect for the season.



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