November 11, 2009
i'm not myself tonight. i'm sporting the nose-that-has-been-rubbed-by-a-thousand-tissues and a head that is fuzzy with a case of the stuffed up. i can't figure out what this cold wants from me. food? rest? vitamins? whatever. guess i'll have to wait it out. my body seems to be rejecting the idea of leaving this dear little apartment. i'm having a hard time realizing that the leaving will happen this weekend. after this weekend this apartment is gone. out of my life. that fact alone got me riled up enough to sit up from my slump on the couch and make a list. a list of things that make this apartment, this apartment. before i display the list, let me give a little lead-in. i've realized that when something is old and a bit odd and maybe not very nice, that's when you say it has 'charm.' and let me tell you, this apartment is terribly charming. and i've grown to love it.
(disclaimer. when you read my list, you will see some strange things. but have no fear, we were never in any danger while living here. our landlady merely specializes in 'rigging' things in the cheapest, funniest way possible. it's been entertaining to cope with all the peculiarities and we have relished the unorthodox of it all.)
things i may or may not miss, but certainly never want to forget, about 2560.
1. the pegboard wall in our bedroom.
2. the long, long, long closet with built-in shelving and saloon style doors.
3. the medicine cabinet mirror (have always wanted one of those).
4. ceiling tiles that belong in an old schoolroom.
5. the orange baking counter and living room carpet.
6. gigantic bathroom counter complete with a surge protector.. outlets a plenty for blowdryers.
7. no walls matched another- some were plastic-looking, one was pegboard, others were plywood.
8. that i could see the farmers' market from our front window.
9. the old frigidaire stove with the missing knob.
10. that we were on the marching band practice route.
11. the yellow tile + avocado wallpaper combo in the kitchen.
12. the big bay window that i love with all my heart. it let in loads of sunshine and had pretty views of our tree-lined street.
13. seeing sam the dog laying outside leroy's alignment (our neighbor) on my walking route.
14. that no surface in the apartment was level or sturdy (you could push in over an inch on some of the walls).
15. light switches and vents in awkward places.
16. my sweet little laundry room. (with a towel rod made of vacuum hose extensions).
17. we were just a few steps off of main street, and the post office, gym, library, and coffeeshop.
18. super cheap rent, plus free cable and internet (which was incredibly fast).
19. the front door that would not open all the way and let tons of cold air through the cracks.
20. the window ac that had a horrible cover which let tons of cold air through the cracks.
21. we were near enough to the hub that we could walk over for ice cream on a nice night.
22. the skinny utility closet for someone grant-sized or smaller.
23. the plexiglass covers for windows in the winter and corners that creak when the wind blows.
24. the drooping ceiling in the kitchen.
25. the heinous fake flower bed arrangement outside our front door that i always felt compelled to tell people was not my doing.
and i'm sure there's so much more i'm leaving out about my first legit home with grant. it has been a sweet and unforgettable era. we had everything we needed, in a package that may not be the most appealing, but we were cozy and had loads of fun. this cheap little flat was a great adventure for us. will have to come back and add more to the list as it comes to my fogged mind.


marta said...

only you, miss summer, could create a lovely homespun happy list of such quirky apartment qualities. what a treasure of a list. (every newlywedded couple needs this type of newlywedded place to begin their life and to always say.. 'hey remember those pegboards!?' and laugh and love and remember all the happiness of that haven.)

congrats on your big move, i hope it all goes well and that you don't run out of big black markers, newspaper for dishes, packing tape for boxes, or pizza for movers. hope you get well soon, you'll need all that energy!! take care.

ashley maureen said...

i don't know why... but looking at this photo + list makes me happy. i think through all your stories, i have developed a picture in my head of what i thought your humble apartment might look like. what a treat to see the real thing. i wish you the best with the move, and can't wait to see photos of "your touch" on the new place!

Kelli said...

I love how you made that place so homey and all your own. I hope you feel better before the move.

Christina said...

This post made me smile. It reminded me of our own first super-inexpensive-definitely-charming-apartment-with-no-level-or-flat surfaces. It was above the downtown grocery store. It smelled like deli chicken at 10 a.m. every morning and had genuine 50's carpet in the kitchen (of all places). Oh, how I miss that claw foot tub!

I hope that you start feeling well soon and that you'll have a lovely time making your new house a cozy home.

Renee said...

so glad we got to experience 2560 in person! great memories! now time to welcome "the house" into your life, as you say goodbye to "the apartment"!

Tawnya said...

First of all, I have always loved your orange baking counter. And secondly, you have learned a great deal about contentment, making a home (out of anywhere!), and it has made you grateful for each and every little pleasure and blessing! Keep this list handy:)

natalie said...

really enjoyed your list, summer. it's funny how the "odd" things we all have had to put up with in our first place do become "charming". you've made so many special memories in this apartment and you're going to start making many more in your new place. hope moving goes well and you get to feeling better. love ya!

p.s. this post reminded me of the scene in you've got mail where meg ryan is packing up her book store and typing to tom hanks about that song, something about a river where i could skate away on. Good Post!

katrina lauren said...

such a sweet list you have made for your special first home with grant. i will find myself moving shortly and think that i might borrow this idea to remember all the things that i loved about our home...i am so sad to go and this move marks more than just the end of life on winnie street...
so thankful for this idea; to journal what made 1521 home...i never want to forget
hope your move went smooth...enjoy turning your new pad into a home!



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