November 12, 2009
it is really a nice thursday. today is one of those times when i could not wait to come to this spot and log the day's doings. my cold has been whipped into shape overnight. i can breathe without sneezing. yay for that. and all day the wind has been gusting, but i'm cozied up inside. i have a deep appreciation of being indoors on gloomy days. currently enjoying worn slippers and creaking walls and the smell of granola baking. am thinking of all you luckies who get to lunch at a nearby panera bread co today. it would have been a perfect day for broccoli cheddar soup + an asiago bagel. or maybe their creamy tomato + the chicken dijon panini. mmm. both my favorites.
today is also nice because grant has the day off tomorrow. (pay off for staying until 9 on monday night.) woohoo. so tonight we will have that friday night feeling as we watch our thurs night funnies on nbc. so fun. and i am going to make grant his favorite baked enchiladas with extra tabasco sauce. and i won't be telling him that i spent half the morning on ebay hunting for toys to go under his christmas tree. fact: after one has been 'sick,' it feels really good to think about someone other than yourself. fact: just recently realized that i am crazy about the chipotle pepper tabasco sauce. it is totally different than the regular stuff. try it sometime.
today is also nice because after 18 years, i made a new discovery in a beauty and the beast song. can you believe that movie has been around for 18 years? me either. i remember getting it on vhs for christmas and eating caramel popcorn during the first showing in our living room. anyway, today i was listening to 'be our guest' while straightening my hair (you all do this too, right?) and realized that lumiere was saying, 'we'll sing you off to sleep as you digest..' so cool.
well, that's all for today guys. see you tomorrow. enjoy the rest of this happy thursday.


Lauren :) said...

"sing you off to sleep as you digest" is one of my favorite lines from that movie! So glad you discovered it~!

Amanda said...

miss summer-
it cracked me up when you wrote about discovering the B&tB line for the first time.

enjoy your friday with mr. g.

Christina said...

That's funny because my husband just pointed that line out to me last weekend! I had a good giggle over it.

Ash said...

Oh man... dream life! Days like today, I want to stay home so bad. Instead, I pulled on a pair of tights, my favorite skirt, shirt, and cardigan, and went to work. If only...

I like your posts, Summer. Have a good Thursday night!

Anneliese said...

i saw b & the b in the theater. i can still remember it. this is one of those glimpses into what feeling old feels like :)

natalie said...

I had no idea that's what they were saying! thanks for that, summer !! :)
p.s. I have the soundtrack and love love love it!

Amanda said...

Summer, I was just listening to that song yesterday morning, before church...while straightening my hair!



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