November 13, 2009
man. times are a-changing.
i need a post like this to mark the threshold of the season. throughout the year i always wonder when the christmas-coming really begins. so, here is my official documentation.. it has begun.
i am seeing macy's christmas commercials (big fan of the one with clips from classic movies and i love lucy) and cute gap jingles with all their festive scarves and have spotted the bags of bell-shaped pretzels at the grocery store and two favorite holiday magazines have already been slipped into my mailbox. the holiday season is just too close for comfort. i am itching to click play on my andy williams 'happy holiday' tune, which is a scandalous 69 cents on itunes right now. hurry and snatch it up this minute! and by the way, does anyone else wish there were a tiny little 'cent' sign on the keyboard as much as me?
well here's the deal i made with myself. i am waiting until there is a pretty mantle of white outside my window to crack open a single page of my christmas catalogs. and i must enforce the no christmas music until after thanksgiving rule, of course. and i proclaim there shall be no christmas baking until the turkey leftovers are gone, as well. i have to draw the line somewhere, or else i would certainly get carried away.
meantime, there's something else stirring on the horizon for the holiday season. if you're interested in starting a new bible study with ashley and me, we've got a fresh book lined up and the session begins about a month from now. the topic will be galatians 5:22, and we'll be using elizabeth george's book,
a woman's walk with God. it might just give you a whole new perspective on what it means to 'live a good life.'
participation is totally free and you are not required to have the book to take part in the study, although i would tell you that you'll not be sorry to have it on your shelf forever and ever. it's totally worth the under $5 you will spend on ebay to obtain it. more info here, or do leave me questions in the comment section. i would be more than happy to answer.
so to sum up this midnovember record, the season is imminent. and i am dying to step into christmas. (please tell me you've heard that elton john song. i grew up dancing to it on the radio.)
only a couple more weeks until it's all fair game. i can do this. i can wait. who's with me?
happy weekend.


lily said...

i'm totally with you. except i do have a major crush on the new gap commercial... but! it's no longer special when we hear it 2 months away from christmas! and i LOVE hearing mariah carey sing "iiii... don't want a lot for christmas...", but NOT until we've appreciated thanksgiving. you can do it, it won't be long... :)

Kelli said...

I LOVE the holiday Gap commercials. But I will not turn on the music or put up decorations until after Thanksgiving either, as much as I would love to. I am trying to think of how to make a cute advent calendar. Ooh and I think I have that book and haven't read it yet...hmmm.

natalie said...

i'm with you, summer. i'm trying to wait, after all, we have to give thanksgiving it's time in the spot light, too. oh, but am i longing for those good ol bing crosby christmas songs :)

John and Teresa said...

sorry, summer. i've totally given in already and i have come to terms with the fact that it takes me a bit to get in the spirit - so i must start early :o) shopping and music has already begun in our household. thanks for the itunes tip! that purchase will be first on my list of things to do this weekend. and yes, i am always look for a sign on the keyboard for 'cents' whenever i have to type it!

Christina said...

Yes, I do wish there was a cent sign on the computer keyboard! And i"m not doing very well at waiting for Christmas because I already bought new wrapping paper and a few new ornaments and decorations...but that's okay because we already have our blanket of white and because if I don't snap up what I want right now, it's likely to be sold out (small town store problems) by the time I want to use it. :D I admire your perseverance in waiting.

ALFIE said...

i too hold a "christmas music after thanksgiving" rule :)

although--i can't lie--i did sneak a listen to sugarland's new christmas CD (i HAD to)

can't wait to start the new book, summer!! it sounds awesome!

KaylaDanielle said...

Ordered my book on ebay just a couple days ago :) I wasn't involved in the first one, and I couldn't wait for you to announce the next book :)

erin elizabeth king said...

i feel ya...
i meant to tell you this a while ago: i don't know if you subscribe to "everyday" with rachael ray, but in her november issue she has a grilled cheese page of the top ones in the US. omaha made it for don & millies' frenchee! that instantly reminded me of you guys. every time we were on our way home from church i would beg my parents to let us go to don & millies b/c "summer and haley always get to go there!" wish i could hop on up there and get one!

katrina lauren said... in canada lots of people have christmas decorating underway already. we celebrate thanksgiving in it's easy to get caught up in the christmas buzz in november. i am a big sarah mclachlan should listen to her christmas album, it's my favourite one.
also, i gave you a little award on my blog called 'honest scrap' i'd love if you would participate when you have time.
enjoying your blog always!
take care



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