November 25, 2009
on giving thanks.
i am thankful, yes, but more importantly, i am thankful to Someone.
today i could easily ramble off a mountain of things that i am thankful for, but if i forget that there is anybody to thank, what would be the point? my grateful attitude should be worked out in grateful praise to the One who has made and given all things.
Lord, you have made 2009 a fantastic year for us. we are constantly amazed by Your goodness.
thank You for the sloppy snow that is falling this morning. thank You for another year with the trusty mazda 626 and another summer to work with my husband while feeling like a kid, at camp. thank You for extras at the grocery store, leftovers in the fridge, and seconds at the table, even on a tight budget. thank You for peaceful evenings at home and furnaces and sunday morning drives, headed to our sweet little country church. and thank You especially for your Word, which is my refuge. when i need somewhere to run, i am grateful that i have my marked-up bible, which holds promises straight from You, to comfort me and cheer me.
thank You for the countless times You've proved Your sovereignty to me during the past year. You are always in control, ever my defender and keeper. in everything, Your timing is perfection. i am thinking specifically now of the last two months. You knew the weeks we would negotiate and buy and move into our new house, and the deadline for getting out of our old apartment, and it was all at the ideal time. down to the very day. unbelievable. the entire apartment-to-house transition was proof of Your mighty hand at work.
thank You for the new house, Lord. thank You for silly things like the fact that i now have a fan in the bathroom and hardware to hang a roll of toilet paper on, and a single faucet instead of that funny double one we had before. thank You for nonessentials which make my days go so smoothly; like a dishwasher and a fancy washer and dryer set, which even has one of those handy compartment drawers for bleach and softener.
thank You for preserving our great country, where freedom reigns. even during a recession, You have provided all grant and i need and more. we've even had luxuries like date nights, magazines, car washes and cappuccinos, a vacation to california, a new computer. thank You, Lord, for reliable jobs and a dependable husband, who daily shows me Your wondrous love. we are grateful for, as the hymn says, 'life and health we still possess, with house and home so richly blessed.' (thank You for hymns and their awesome lyrics, Lord.)


Renee said...

ok...i'm crying! why does being thankful make us cry??! whenever I start to list all the blessings that the Lord has given us....the tears flow! "showers of blessing" is the song for the day!
Love you!

Kelli said...

Beautiful Summer, just beautiful. Just what I needed to hear and remember. He is Glorious!

marta said...

a perfect edition of the 'thankful' post. you are so true, thanking the One that makes it all possible really does set the record straight.

thank you for living life in such a way that we can see the light within you.

happy thanksgiving.

ChelseaF said...

Love your heart, love this post! (and, love those counters and floors in your new kitchen!)

Anonymous said...

I really want those white dishes. :)

Elisabeth said...

oh, miss summer.
i've returned to this several times.
it helps to realign my wayward heart.
it is so refreshing in a season where wish lists & materialism & greed & ingratitude & loss of focus have become the norm.
you are resplendent.
thank you for living for One.



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