December 8, 2009
frasier fir
i like stopping in the restroom at other people's houses. first of all, that room gives me an excuse to wash my hands, and i'm always looking for chances to do that. i'm obsessive about it. i love to warm my icy fingers under scalding water.
secondly, i love using other people's bathrooms to study their soap. grandma marian's bathroom totally wins best soap. it's thymes frasier fir and really, this stuff is tops. so fresh and woodsy. if i were going to spoil my new bathrooms for christmas, i would load them up with these terrific suds. and maybe get a little candle so the living room isn't left out.
we're still in snowglobe mode here. i think a storm might be a swirlin. i'm sure there's snowday gossip making the rounds at grant's school and the janitor is probably boasting about getting 'the worst storm in years' and all that classic winter weather chatter. grant emailed me to say that we're even at level watch the news for school closings before bed tonight. woohoo. i love me a little snowday action.


John and Teresa said...

i will love it to as john will be a teacher at the start of 2011!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Frasier fir has the best Christmas tree smell. Can't imagine having a delicious soap to smell like it!

natalie said...

mmmhhmmmm, that soap sounds like it smells good. i do hope you get a snow day tomorrow! we're in a blizzard tonight until noon tomorrow. it's so fun to watch all the snow!



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