December 8, 2009
some projects from last week. grant fashioned this handsome rack for my pots (please excuse the peeling paint where we tore off the old trim) and hung blinds in our front window, and we both put up the tree. right now the tree sits about 400 bulbs brighter than it does in this photo, and boy does it look dazzling. grant doesn't see the point of skimpy lighting (me either). i couldn't stop the smiles as i watched him 'destroy it with lights.' his words. the more, the merrier, i always say.
i am basking in all this simultaneous christmasing and settling in. on this week's agenda: hooks inside our closets, hanging wreaths, installing the garage door opener, garland in the bay window, drawer pulls in the kitchen, gift wrapping.
in the meantime, my house is surrounded by micro snowflakes. yesterday we had big, fleecy flakes that seemed to float, and today we have the tiny ones that come fast and furious. either way, it is gorgeous. and good news: i still have some of these babies tucked away from last night's baking. if you like butterfingers, you're going to love these babies. these babies even get stuck in the deepest, darkest crevices of your molars, just like butterfingers. mmm. i love these babies. it's beginning to look like a perfect december day.


marta said...

okay. it's official. you are living in my dream house. pots hung on the ceiling with care?! i love you people. keep up the merry christmas-ing. xo.

Aunt Kayleen said...

Cool, Summer. Love the hanging pots!!

Although Uncle Don and I don't have any plans to put up a Christmas tree this year, I do enjoy the beauty of other people's trees, like yours!

natalie said...

thanks for sharing your pictures with us, summer. it so exciting to see little glimpses into your beautiful home. i've always loved the look of hanging pots and am so excited you get to have it in your kitchen!!

Ash said...

Summer, you always make life seem so pleasant. I like your style. Merry Christmas!

holly-lynn said...

so funny, i must not be very observant! i missed the peeling paint!



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