January 4, 2010
10 things to read in 2010.
001. c.s. lewis's space trilogy
002. the universe in a nutshell, by stephen hawking
003. my life in france, by julia child
004. pilgrim's progress, by john bunyan
005. the little house on the prairie collection, by laura ingalls wilder
006. the screwtape letters, by c.s. lewis
007. the shaping of a christian family, by elisabeth elliot
008. discipline: the glad surrender, by elisabeth elliot
009. rebecca of sunnybrook farm, by k. douglas wiggin
010. persuasion, by jane austen
10 things to watch in 2010.
001. meet me in st. louis
002. invictus
003. the african queen
004. paper heart
005. the princess and the frog
006. the maltese falcon
007. ferris bueller's day off
008. e.t.
009. 500 days of summer
010. north by northwest
i needed something. something to get excited about amid the bleak winter months. am off to a good start on these. i've already borrowed the space trilogy from the library, and grant received the universe in a nutshell for christmas, which has turned out to be a gift for me too. i'm well into the chapter on relativity and hoping the subtle humor keeps up. here's to old favorites, must-sees, and a few gambles in literature and film this year.


Anonymous said...

Reading number 005 is a fabulous read. I loved those as a child.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh! Screwtape and My Life in France are both on my list for this year, too. Great minds :)

Elsa said...
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Elsa said...

What a great selection!

Can I also recommend The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer? I'm sure you would love it.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

I've never thought of making a 'to read' and 'to watch' list. Normally just go by what is recommended to me. I have never read any of those books before. Hope it's enjoyable for you! :-)

Anonymous said...

elisabeth elliot...you can't go wrong there. i just saw Julie and Julia and that book is on my list as well.

Anonymous said...

I've just finished My Life in France and was going to give away my copy. Would you like it?

Kristi said...

i just love your blog! i look forward to reading it everyday!

Christina said...

Mmmm...some of my favorites. :D And some new ones I might have to look into. Btw, I just started reading Persuasion. (again...)

marta said...

ooh, great selections. i would love to read julia child and jane austen along with you..



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