January 20, 2010
why today is awesome:
surprise snow day.
surprise snow day with my husband.
who is lots of fun.
raspberry rhubarb jam on the agenda.
tomato tortellini soup on the menu.
grocery store date.
knitting lesson?
guys, this is the best. i was expecting a super-long 16-hour stretch away from grant today. i thought the storm of the century rumors were coming untrue. but lo and behold.. a bit of snow and ice. bam. school let out at 8:45 am. and now i get to hang out with him all day. minnesota rocks. more soon. happy wednesday!


Casey said...

i wish it would snow again in houston! thanks for your comment about my birth story... and - you don't even feel the needle for the epidural... they numb the area! :)

Katherine said...

Raspberry rhubarb jam? Sounds awesome!!

Renee said...

let us know how the jam turns out!! that's one thing I've never tried in my life....but eat it every day!!
Happy Wednesday to you and Grant! enjoy the day together!

Anonymous said...

enjoy your day!

Christina said...

Oh, I love grocery store dates! (But everyone makes fun of them. Why? Why do they think it's silly, I ask.)

I too am knitting today. I'm making a new scarf for myself. (Scarfs are pretty much the only things I knit.) What are you planning on making?

Josie said...

love your blog!
Wanted to pass along that I found those straws, I just ordered some for myself and some other goodies since this store is so cute!

natalie said...

AWESOME!!! so excited for you. hope you're enjoying your surpise day with your man!

Tesa said...

grocery store dates were my FAVORITE when Phil and I were first married!

Rebecca said...

love the pic



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