January 19, 2010
today i could talk about any number of things.
how the vikings are one game away from superbowldom. how sidney rice and brett farve are the best combo since pb and j. how we finally put the christmas stuff away over the weekend. how today's cookie of the day looks like a keeper. how i'm on day 4 of a lousy cold. how jack bauer is back. how my february issue of martha is especially dog-eared and bursting with yummy recipes like chicken parmigiana, classic white bread four ways, broccoli and pasta casseroles, croque-monsieurs, and chocolate truffles. how much i'm enjoying julia child in france. how in the dead of winter, there are still flies buzzing around my house. how all manner of clever things are stirring in blog..
a valentine. i'd love to slurp through a barber shop straw. anyone know where to find one?
a throw-together birthday party that looks put-together.
a little way to help haiti.
a wall of super snowflakes.
a poppy seed lemon cake. currently my favorite flave.


Katherine said...

Oh those awful colds. I still can't seem to shake mine from Christmas. I hope you feel better soon!

Miranda said...

I hope you get to feeling better. We are huge Vikings fans, so I'm glad to know we'll be pulling for the same team on Sunday! My hubby is a DIE-HARD Vikings fan!

ashley maureen said...

a. go vikes! fingers crossed over here
b. i wrote about a perfect lemon poppyseed cake today
c. oh. my. gosh. that recipe of the day...

Renee said...

would love to see the recipe for that lemon poppy seed cake!!! sounds wonderful!
p.s. hope you are feeling better today! i think some lemon poppyseed cake is just what the dr. ordered!

Anonymous said...

Hey Summer! I just want you to know that my Hailey and I have great conversations about your blog! WE LOVE IT! You have a 11 year old FAN!!! She can't wait to tell me when you've posted a new post:) We wanted to pass on this site to you and hopefully it thrills you.http://www.bakerella.com/ Keep up the blogging! It really is a delight! We love you, Tammie and Hailey Moore

Aunt Kayleen said...

I enjoy stopping in for my daily read of your blog. Thanks for all the work you put into it Summer!



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