March 1, 2010
here's where we started.. (note the green grass. this was months ago.. before snow.)
and here's where we are now! over the weekend grant put the finishing touches on our newly rebuilt + restyled table, the one we picked up for free from my sweet inlaws. together we lugged it up from the basement-cum-woodshop.. which is when i realized that heavy lifting projects always make me feel like wow, this is a real husband-wife moment. it was fun, and hard. and really good for my arms.
it even has leaves. that's what i'm talkin about.
so here it sits in the blue room (i like naming rooms by color, i think it has something to do with memories of my grandma's house). this room is the next one up for painting.. but what color? hmm. am taking suggestions. but back to the table. it will serve as a sewing|workstation|whatever-we-need-it-to-be table. i'm over the moon about this. there is nothing so promising as a piece of furniture with endless possibilities. and if it has a silky, unfinished wood surface with which to labor upon, all the better! i couldn't be more excited right now. i need to go and look at it again to make sure it's real.. have a happy march morning!
ps. don't forget to sit in on the workshop at marta's. if you look closely, you just might see me!
pps. i explored a couple centerpiece options, for the sake of my own amusement and taking a pretty picture for you guys. the vintage jars were inspired by sheena, and i'm using them everywhere these days. and the baby white vase is one of my recent thrifts. (50 cents!)


Eeny said...

Very pretty table.

Renee said...

how about painting the room "blonde"??!!(it's a real color!)
Love the table! great job, Grant! that will make a nice sewing table for you!

Mom Judy said...

Wow, what a transformation of the table. I am happy it has a good home and you have given it a brand new life. Just think of what all you can accomplish with that table.

marta said...

really incredible make-over, harms team! what a perfect table. nicely done.

p.s. my grandma had a Blue Room too and a Teddy Bear room as well. it was magic. oh, i love that tradition of naming rooms.

Christina said...

Oh! My dining room table has the exact same kind of leaves. It's the niftiest design, and I had never seen it anywhere else before today. : ) As far as room color...I'm in a pale yellow mood today. Like sunshine. I'm also ALWAYS a fan of a cheerful sagy-green. OR you could paint it a light, light brown with white trim.

Rachel said...

It looks great!

And we refer to rooms by color too. In my parents house, we still call the bathrooms "the blue bathroom" and "the pink bathroom" which causes terrible confusion with guests because both the bathrooms were repainted over a decade ago in different colors.

sheena said...

LOVE it!! We grew up with "color" rooms too.....and somehow it has caught on with my kids....I love it. said...

wow! awesome work. hoping you enjoy hours of crafting and dining possibilities atop its perfectly stained surface and pretty black legs. :)

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Looks great! I just love your blue walls!

Stop by my blog to enter to win a pair of sassy boots!

Marisa said...

I love rooms named by color. It's so old-timey + sweet. :D

fabulous table. well-done!



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