March 2, 2010
how about this for the march classic movie of the month? this oscar-winning film could be the ultimate musical. for those who've seen it, tell me you didn't pick out your favorite brother and bride. admit it, you wanted to be that girl.. you dreamt of wearing her gingham dress and being swept around a barnfloor in his arms. and if you haven't seen it, watch and pick your favorite couple tonight on tcm!
truly, seven brides is right up there with the music man and singin' in the rain. among the greats, and maybe even my favorite. grant and i both grew up singing along with it (one of us camped out on the carpet of her cousins' basement, because she didn't own the movie herself), and now we refer to it as the movie that brought us together. it holds a special place in our lives.
after all, it was during the annual camp shetek staff
showing of seven brides for seven brothers
that grant first asked me on a date.


AmberLee said...

ooh. i couldn't agree more. my daughter and i watch this and swoon together.

it's so nice to meet you.

and I loved your post about cauliflower.

Maryclayre said...

What a romantic story for you two! This was one of the Burke girls classics growing up! Thank you for writing about it! Everyone should see this movie.

Anneliese said...

mary beat me to it. but we DID love this one...and soooo had a favorite couple. luckily shawn already loved it before we met. we have it on dvd now & will watch it more than once each summmer. (for some reason it seems like a summer movie...)

Christina said...

Ah, yes! I like this very much. :) It's been a long time since I've watched it, though. My favorite was the youngest couple (his name was Gideon, and I can't remember her name, but wasn't she the minister's niece?). : )

sheena said...

a classic!! I need to get this on my netflix right now!!

I DIED at your comment on marta's blog.....a kaboodle in an antique store!!! what??!

Hannah said...

I adored this show growing up as well. Great memories.

Tesa said...

Oh, my. This is one I have heard about--but have never seen. I just reserved a copy from my library-- it will be perfect for our next "date night". Thanks for the recommendation!

Sophie said...

my favorite movie!

Anonymous said...

I was trying to decide which movie to watch this evening whilst my husband is gone.

thanks for making my mind up for me!
love it!



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