March 29, 2010
i'm convinced that nice weather brings out the best in a weekend. this weekend, i began to sew.
ta-da! my new skirt! hopefully the first of many. for this pin-stripey number, i cut up and trimmed down an old dress that i'd picked up at old navy for $1.50. i'm counting it as a full-on sewing project because it involved taking it in, lots of measuring, hemming on both top and bottom, and elastic. happily for me, there is grant, who helped me troubleshoot the whole pattern-free job. i hope to start wearing my new skirt asap.. come on, sun!
well, now that i have my first sewing task under my belt, i feel equal parts addicted, empowered, and incompetent. there are still moments when it feels like i have no sewing common sense, but i hope that will come in time. honestly, i can't wait to start something new.
not only was there sewing over the weekend, there was also baking (orange yogurt bread for sunday school), filling of an empty closet, thrifting, yard work, going to the car wash, and other warm weather niceties. i even made my father-in-law's baked beans, which of course, felt like the perfect way to celebrate. is there anything better than nice weather + something grilled + baked beans? and on that note, is there anything better the leftover baked beans that get super cold and stiff in the fridge? nope.
it seems the whole neighborhood has broken out of it's winter shell. everybody was outside vaccuuming the cars and walking the dogs. we even met our new neighbors and borrowed a broom from one of them! funny, we've lived here 4 months already, but everything still feels brand new. before i go, i have big news. it's supposed to be 70 and sunny this week. i can't wait to sit on our front steps and eat ice cream with grant.

11 comments: said...

the skirt looks fantastic! congrats girl, looks like you nailed it. looking forward to many many more projects. and yay for 70 degree weather! welcome spring.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

You did a fabulous job with the skirt! Also, I love that you have oranges on display on your kitchen counter. Such a beautiful thing to have in the background of the photo of your orange yogurt bread. Enjoy your 70 degrees! Spring has sprung, indeed!

Anonymous said...

the skirt looks so cute! you should def take a picture wearing it & post it!

glad the weather's looking up over there (where do you live?). we're in the 70s now, but it's dipping again in the middle of the week. forecast=rain!

nataliep. said...

awesome job on the skirt! what a great way to start out sewing. congrats on the warm weather. doesn't it lift your spirit? it's so refreshing!

marta said...

i love the glimpses we get of your projects. just lovely. and that cake stand with oranges in the background is a beauty.

Mom Judy said...

Cute skirt, Summer! You are not afraid to tackle the sewing project by starting with a skirt. Now that is impressive! I am sorry I missed the orange yogurt bread at Sunday School. It must have went first. I would have definitely grabbed it. The zucchini bread was good too.

Simply Live said...

SOO cute! Congrats on your first sewing project! I would say it was definitely a success!

Renee said...

cute skirt Summer! can't wait to see you wearing it! congrats on making it into what you wanted it to be!!
my first sewing project was also a skirt...a wrap-around though!! i like yours better!!

EmMuldoon said...

this skirt is REALLY CUTE!

Christina said...

CUTE! Nice work. :D

Hannah said...

wow! I am so impressed that you've made something you can wear as one of your first sewing projects. You've definitely inspired me to branch out from making cushions and tote bags!



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