March 26, 2010
it's been way too long since i posted some things from the list.
the list | number eleven
711. orange juice squeezed right in front of me
211. gingham fabric
343. the idea of having a robe
297. doughnut holes in white bakery bags
709. going to weddings
698. watching grant play drums at church
438. 'out to lunch'
618. remaking the bed with clean sheets
572. having a full fridge
365. getting new sunglasses
654. severe weather
663. easter baskets (with the grass that gets everywhere)
so it's friday again! the sun is shining and our tax refund is in. and hey! this show starts tonight. i'm excited. other excitement: i put this book and this one on hold at the library. i love the library.
the orange brigade is in full swing here. orange pancakes, orange yogurt bread, orange juice.. ohh, the juice. i've never had anything like it. sidenote: i picked up this handy citrus peeler ring the other day. you can get it at the grocery store for under $2. it's fun, but pulling works just as well.
am kicking myself out of the kitchen today. absolutely no baking. must learn to sew. this pattern has me all jumpy with excitement and nerves. i'm nearly sweating. but first: something with straight lines and no elastic. wish me luck.
and in the soontime.. brioche! brioche. by my own hands! and do you know what? it's not even hard. you'll see. next week--be there. happy weekend!


ChelseaF said...

That peeler ring is like mine...only way nicer! Ours have taken a beating, I may need to pick up a few new ones. :) Thanks for yet another awesome post!

Hannah said...

Those are some seriously awesome pictures. I must know what camera you shoot with.

Am completely in love with oranges as well. We had a door-to-door salesman that came by 2 weeks and sold us a huge box full of oranges "straight from Florida." They were the best oranges I've ever had...and they are gone.

That little peeler gizmo is intriguing! I think I need to try one out.

Holly said...

i saw a preview for food revolution last night, i'm so excited to watch. definitely a needed show in our country, hopefully it will have powerful results!

Eeny said...

I love Jamie Oliver. I hope they are going to show Food Revolution here in Germany soon, too.

Do you have any of Jamie's cookbooks?
I have two and I love his recipes.

nataliep. said...

i'm excited to watch that show too. i usually get to relax and watch a little tv while tom finishes his homework.
really pretty picture, did you take that? hope you're enjoying all your oranges!

marisa said...

I agree with Hannah... your photos have such a powerful simplicity. They really speak to the beauty of the everyday.

Amanda said...

Yes, do tell: what kind of camera do you have? I want that top picture to hang in my kitchen.

Am excited for tonight's premiere of Food Revolution...should be eye-opening!

Christina said...

I like watching my husband play drums in church too. : ) have fun sewing! I can't wait to see what you make.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

My friends mom owns that artisian bread book. It's tops. The bread in there is amazing!

Renee said...

can't wait for you to get that bread book! then you can try out several recipes, and recommend your faves! so far this week, I have made your cookies and pancakes...why not bread to go along with those carbs?!!
p.s maybe you should sell your photos on Etsy?!!

Vanessa Rae said...

I'm learning to love Jamie Oliver as well. I see his beautiful cookbooks and they are so pretty that I get too intimidated to give them a try. Do you ever do this?! I'm going to give them another try (and yes I love our local library). Thanks for sharing!

lizzy said...

1. i adore lists. any lists.
particularly happy lists. do you keep this one? with the random numbers and all? is it one epic list or lists within lists?
2. the light in the first photo is stunning. simply stunning. i love your use of light & negative space in your photos. shot with the new camera?
3. my little sisters keep begging for the next installment of your love story. it surprises me that they still ask. you captivated them with the other segments.
4. jamie oliver is so endearing and determined. i'm really enjoying the show.



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