March 8, 2010
re-reading the laura ingalls wilder books has opened my eyes. today i'm thankful that the age of trudging out to a cold clothesline is over. i don't have to put on my snowpants and boots and clear a path to this line in our yard. (but i still think it's cute to have a snow-dipped clothesline in my backyard.) i don't have to bring in the frozen clothes and let them thaw in front of the stove before i fold them. thank you Lord, for electric dryers. in a minute i will go downstairs in my slippers and grab an armful of hot towels. what a life.
and now, a little pause from real life. please indulge me a starstruck moment. after all, the oscars only come once a year!
2010 oscar business.
a. basically, i really enjoyed the show last night. i always do. it feels a little like seeing old friends.
b. best hair: kate winslet, and the winning miss sandra bullock both rocked the sleek side-part look. i was totally down with the wearing it down. shiny-smooth with some minor curls on the side.. perfect.
c. the best dressed prize must go to cameron diaz. when i saw the simple shape of her sparkly oscar de la renta, i cheered. i'm a sucker for completely classic. she looked stunning. and i must give honorable mention to demi moore, who looked elegant in a ribbons and ruffles versace. so sweet and swishy.
d. grant says steve martin should host every year. i'm not opposed to the idea either.
e. cameron gets my vote for best presenter, with steve carrell, of course.
f. the nominees for best original score were fantastic. i'm mad about movie soundtracks. i have a good collection going in itunes. think i'll have to add up and the fantastic mr. fox.
g. a big thank you to grant, who stayed up with me until the very end, letting me get my annual hollywood fix. i'm glad i don't have to wait until morning for mom to tell me who won best picture anymore.


Anneliese said...

Mo’Nique's acceptance speech made me tear up!

Jordan and Jandee said...

I'm a fan of the clothesline (in the summer, when its convenient and I have the time --it happens all of three times a year), but towels from a clothesline are always so rough. Definitely love my dryer.

Simply Live said...

Oh my gosh. LOVE the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Definitely one of my childhood favorites!

Christina said...

My favorite dress last night was Sandra Bullock's. Ah, so gorgeous. : )

Summer said...

I loved Cameron Diaz dress and her hair looked fab! I also loved Sandra Bullocks dress....

Um what was up with Charlize Theron and um the roses on her ta-tas....that was really funny

I heart the parent trap too!

Have a great day
Summer :0)

Renee said...

loved demi's dress! i didn't watch the oscars this glad to see your "review" of them!



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