March 5, 2010
i'm not here to rave about powerade, but i do like the sound of their new commercial. you know that i broke out my rock the planet: dance 80's album after i heard it. and now i find myself treadmill-trotting with nu shooz and the go-go's.
what are you working out to nowadays?
ps. the song in the commercial is 'i can't wait' by nu shooz.


Bryant said...

I love to work out to Dave Matthews Band of course. Specifically, the songs "Rapunzel" and "You Might Die Trying."

Mom Judy said...

Bryant, is that really you? I love to work out to Graham's Daniel song.

haley said...

you didn't blog yesterday?!?!

Simply Live said...

After purchasing your recommendation, "Roots Run Deep," I have begun to workout to it. It's soothing and uplifting at the same time! I guess it's not really traditional hardcore workout music. But I love it. said...

agreed. this commercial had me jammin' all through the olympics. too bad i am too lazy to actually get up off the couch and take that jam to the gym...

have so enjoyed reading your expert advice over on marta's blogging+business week!

i've been thinking...we really need to have a midwest bloggers summit. wouldn't it be amazing to meet in real life?



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