April 27, 2010
favorite commercial ever? maybe.
'pure imagination' is my shower song. if i sing in the shower, this is the song i inevitably pick to sing. it's been that way for years. i should really learn all of the words at some point.
haley, i want to watch this with you and laugh at the purple monster's mouth at 0:34.


swell.life said...

yes. definitely makes me want to whip out the crayolas and draw monsters. i saw this last weekend and nearly dropped my remote. fabulously genius. hip hip for willy wonka.

Aunt Kayleen said...

Oh my stars!! Thanks for sharing this Summer! I can't wait to show Uncle Don

nataliep. said...

great commercial. love the song. oh, and i loved the other add you posted with the guy and the girl. fun music!

Bryant said...

I like it when the bread is toasted by the spaceship. :)

Miranda said...

my dad and I were talking about this song after seeing this commercial. we both love it so much but it seems to make us all teary and nostalgic. :)

ChelseaF said...

More than slighty creepy to me, but in a good kind of way...just like Willy Wonka. :)



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