April 27, 2010
what i got my sister for her birthday.
1. vintage juice glasses. she has a thing for these.
2. and an antique rose pearl ring. her hands can totally pull this off.
what haley got me for my birthday.
1. a big, huge busytown book! something we would have begged for as kids. it even has a page just for verbs! yeah. cool. i wish i had a kid to read this to right now.
2. and strega nona. classic. nostalgic.
thanks for adding to my collection, hales! i love them.


Nella Design Studio said...

oh my, I LOVE picture books. Richard Scarry's Things That Go was a favorite of mine..I used to love to spot Gold Bug everywhere!

Amanda said...

What a nice sister you have! One that knows you are trying to build your children book collection for your kids and will get you them for special occasions like birthdays. I like the glasses you got her too!

Anonymous said...

so cute you guys are! i lovelovelove that ring you got your sister :] and strega nona brings back so many memories (i had italian next-door neighbor best friends haha).

swell.life said...

jealousy. i am in love with that pearl ring! what a sweet sis you are...and what a sweet sis she is to you!

loved the shower. what a glowing bride to be.

nataliep. said...

awww, cute gifts from both of you!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

You make me really wish I had a sister! These are the sweetest gifts ever. You can tell they are straight from the heart.

AllieQ said...

I so met Tommy de Paola when i was little!

Too Many Hopkins! was my all time fav. book!



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