April 26, 2010
a girlie shower for my sister...
this was such a pink weekend, and i loved every girlie minute of it. my lovely aunt threw haley the sweetest shower on saturday. doesn't she look positively glowing? it was fantastic to be in a room full of girls and gifts and pink packaging. (girls, i wish i had 5 more hours to catch up with each of you.) we had a ball, and lots of giggling to prove it. and to top it all off, we ate big slices of the best chocolate cake i've ever tasted. hello, ganache. my new weakness.
and as for today, i'm..
unpacking. laundering.
trying to jump into the swing of things.
in need of a workout and a shower.
thankful for my sweet family and a chance to see them.


Christina said...

Oooooo, I love, love, love ganache. And one of the best things about it is that it is way easy to make.

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Bridal showers are one of those extra-nice things in life.

leni said...

so beautiful!

Christina said...

p.s. I found this recipe a while back and can't stop thinking that you might like it. I think the idea that you might like to look at it came from a post a long time ago about girl scout cookie ice cream. Anyway, here's the link.


Dee said...

Fun!! What game/activity are y'all playing at the table?

marta said...

welcome home, summ! what a gorgeous party. i love all the pink bags lined up. truly perfect for a bridal shower! and your twin is adorable, like you say. what a fashionable ensemble. glad you had such a ball together.

nataliep. said...

wasn't that cake to die for??!! it was to light it basically melted right in my mouth!
the shower was beautiful and so much fun!



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