April 30, 2010
it's junk week in our tiny town. everybody kicks their clutter to the curb, and people like me can go drive-by shopping. for free. i spotted this cool blue chair yesterday. isn't it sweet? and for zero dollars? of course! it has a new home now, where it will be loved. and in fact, already is.
so. big news. there were new chocolate chip cookie recipes floating around in the blogs yesterday. they never fail to catch my eye. here's the oatmeal pecan one from joy the baker and the coconut one from sheena. naturally, i have to make them, although my list of choc chip recipes is already stressfully long. i feel i need to give equal attention to each of them, but there's never enough time.
(oh, and meanwhile, i need to fit into a bridesmaid dress. maybe baking will be slower until june 12. maybe.)
happy friday!


nataliep. said...

congrats on the sweet chair, summer.
cheap is good but free is even better!

Christina said...

The chair is adorable.

ChelseaF said...

Cute chair! Luke won't let me do that anymore (bedbugs)...and I'm sure you'll have no problem fitting into your bridesmaid (or matron-of honor?) dress. :) So, bake away!!! lol

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Chocolate chip coconut cookie bars are my favorite. Delicious delicious.

Mom Judy said...

I love the chair. What street did you find it on?

Renee said...

i made the oatmeal pecan choc chip cookies this afternoon...delish!! now ANOTHER choc chip recipe to add to my collection! (and to my hips!!)

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

Saw your link over at Honey & Jame, came for a peak and can't stop looking! I love your photos, recipes and ramblings and look forward to reading more. Thanks for the inspiration :)



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